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Sleep with your pet? How that may affect you (and your pet)

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Steve Dale CABC

Veterinary Technician Week: North American Veterinary Community Celebrates

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Pet Age

Innovative Products, Technological Advancements Drive Vet Medicine

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VMX Brings Attendees Back in Person, Also Virtually

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Veterinary Practice News

VMX Deems 2021 a Success With Live and Virtual Offerings

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Assosciations Now

Try Early Adoption for More Innovative Events

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TSNN – Trade Show News Network

Calendar filling up at Orange County Convention Center

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Spectrum News

Calendar Filling Up at Orange County Convention Center

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PA live!

VMX 2021 Satellite Media Tour

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From Treating Sick Sea Urchins To Doing Brain Surgery On Seals, Marine Animal Vets Solve Medical Mysteries

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The Veterinary Meeting and Expo is Underway

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Chats with the Chatfields

Innovation in veterinary medicine on display at VMX 2021!

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The time has come to start training the pets for your return to work

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Veterinary Viewfinder

Big Changes at NAVC & VMX – COVID, Strategy Shifts & the Virtual Future with CEO Gene O’Neill

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New York Times

Work Will Never Be the Same

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New York Times

Remote Learning Isn’t Just for Kids

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Veterinary Viewfinder

VMX 2021 – What to Expect with NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill and OCCC Executive Director Mark Tester

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Virtual Job Fairs: The Best Ways To Look For Work There

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Yahoo! News

Pets get extra medical care amid coronavirus lockdown, increasing the need for vets

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Orlando Business Journal

No trade shows, no problem: Sim tech powers virtual job fair

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How to choose the best dog bed, according to experts

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Getting to the veterinarian during coronavirus

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Veterinary Viewfinder Podcast

NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill Talks COVID-19, VMX 2021 and the future of veterinary CE

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Pet Life Radio

NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill on Pet Life Radio’s Ask the Vets

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Stressed pets: Reducing their anxiety now and when you go back to work

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Steve Dale’s Pet World

How to Keep Your Pets Occupied

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The Anna & Raven Show

Dr. Dana Varble and Pet COVID-19 Anxiety

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Pet Life Radio

NAVC Donates Urgent Medical Supplies to Florida During COVID Pandemic

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Tampa Bay Times

With coronavirus, four-legged friends reduce isolation of social distancing

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Your pet won’t give you coronavirus, so hug away, experts say

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NewsRadio WFLA

Dr. Dana Varble-What Pet Owners Should Know about the Coronavirus

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Coronavirus In-Depth: Concern for pets grows as disease spreads between people

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New treatment options could lengthen your pet’s life

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Fox 4 | The Morning Blend

Advancements In Vet Medicine

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WGN Radio 720 | Steve Dale’s Pet World

Changes in Veterinary Medicine

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Spectrum News 13
Orlando, FL

In Depth: Tips on How to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Summer Heat

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Press Releases

8.10.2022 –45 Million Pets Suffer from Pain

7.6.2022 – NAVC to Celebrate 40th Anniversary Like it’s 1983

6.21.2022 – Improving Access to Care Among Topics at Veterinary Innovation Summit

6.16.2022 – Nutrition Summit Helps Make Client Discussions More Productive

5.26.2022 – NAVC Institute Takes the “Scary” out of Anesthesia

5.26.2022 – Veterinary Nurse/Technician Webinar Focuses on Compensation And Retention

5.16.2022 – Veterinary Professionals Gain Skills During Immersive Learning

5.4.2022 – Is Your Pet Putting On Pounds? Time For Help From a Nutrition Expert

4.15.2022 – Acupuncture and Herbs: A Recipe To Help Geriatric Pets And Those With Cancer

4.14.2022 – Put Your Best Self Forward

3.29.2022 – Who’s Involved In The Care Of Your Pet?

2.18.2022 – Veterinary Professionals Expand Oral Care Skills at Level Up: Dentistry

2.8.2022 – Find Your Perfect Match. VMX Virtual 2022 Career Fair is February 14-15

2.7.22 – NAVC Names New 2022-2023 Board President

2.7.2022- NAVC Announces Winners Of The Dr. Earl H. Rippie Veterinary Nurse Leadership Scholarships

1.20.2022 – VMX 2022 Highlights: What’s New in Animal Healthcare in 2022?

1.20.22 – MentorVet Wins Fifth Annual Pet Pitch Competition

1.19.22 – NAVC Announces 2022 Vetty Award Winners

1.17.22 – New Programs to Advance Roles of Veterinary Nurses/ Technicians

1.15.22 – NAVC Announces VMX 2022 Pet Pitch Competition Finalists

11.29.21 –NAVC Announces Winner of Startup Pitch Competition

11.18.21 – Veterinary Professionals Worldwide Learn the Latest in Veterinary Medicine at VMX 2022 

10.28.21 – NAVC Announces Return Of The Vetty Awards®

10.11.21 – NAVC Launches New Programs to Support Veterinary Nurses and Technicians

9.29.21 – Veterinary Professionals Worldwide Learn the Latest in Veterinary Medicine at VMX 2022

9.28.21 – NAVC Thanks Dr. Stephen Jaffe For His Decades of Service

9.16.21 – NAVC To Host First Annual Global Veterinary Nurse Virtual Summit October 16 – 17

8.18.21 – PAWS Act Passes

8.11.21 – Innovations And Consumer Trends Driving Changes In The Veterinary Industry

7.21.21 – NAVC Media Awarded 21 Charlie Awards

7.1.21 – Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit To Take Place August 27- 29 In Kansas City

6.10.21 – New Technologies and Breakthroughs Take Center Stage at VMX 2021

6.7.21 – Talkatoo Wins Fourth Annual VMX Pet Pitch Competition

6.5.21 – New Technologies And Breakthroughs In Veterinary Medicine Take Center Stage At VMX 2021

5.24.21 – NAVC Announces VMX 2021 Pet Pitch Competition Finalists

5.12.21 – Advances in Animal Medicine Provide New Hope for Senior Dogs, Diabetic Cats, Reptiles Who Suffer with Anorexia and More

4.7.21 – Veterinarians Receive Four Days of Hands-on, Specialized Training to Save Lives and Provide the Best Healthcare for Animals

3.31.21 – Life-changing Advances in Animal Medicine to be Presented at the 37th Annual Veterinary Meeting & Expo

3.11.21 – Diabetes Is on the Rise Among Cats and Dogs

3.10.21 – NAVC Launches Inaugural Virtual VMX New Product Gallery

3.4.21 – NAVC Launches New Virtual Initiative Positioning the NAVC as the Premier Destination for Year-Round Virtual Learning and Interactive Engagement

2.2.21 – NAVC Provides Veterinary CE at First-ever VMX Rewind

12.1.20 – NAVC Launches its Inaugural Veterinary Hospital Design Virtual Seminar

11.9.20 – NAVC Announces New Dates for VMX 2021

10.15.20 – Veterinary Students Worldwide Can Attend the World’s Leading Veterinary Conference for Free: Live in Orlando or Online Anywhere

9.1.20 – September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

8.27.20 – NAVC Expands Annual E-Commerce Summit

8.17.20 – NAVC Announces Zoetis Joins VMX Virtual Expo Hall Opening the Doors for New Interactive and Innovative Ways to Engage and Educate Veterinary Professionals Year-Round

8.3.20 – NAVC Opens Registration for VMX 2021

6.17.20 – The North American Veterinary Community Hosts Virtual Job Fair to Help Fill More Than 2,500 Essential Veterinary Jobs

5.20.20 – NAVC Offers Support to Veterinary Professionals During COVID-19

5.19.20 – NAVC and Banfield Pet Hospital to Co-Host VMX Virtual Job Fair

5.18.20 – NAVC’s AFSCAN Scholarship Renamed to Honor Professor Michael J. Day

4.23.20 – Industry Leaders Team Up to Launch VetWatch

4.13.20 – NAVC Names Gene O’Neill Chief Executive Officer

4.1.20 – NAVC Conducts Landmark Research on Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Veterinary Profession

3.26.20 – NAVC Donates Urgent Medical Supplies to Florida Department of Health

3.12.20 – The Coronavirus and Pets

3.4.20 – Nationwide Becomes Human-Animal Bond Certified Company

2.24.20 – NAVC Donates $25,000 To Assist Wildfire Relief Efforts in Australia

2.6.20 – The NAVC Welcomes Paige Allen, MS, RVT, as 2020-2021 Board President

1.17.20 – The NAVC Launches National Advocacy Program

12.19.19 – NAVC Retriever Launches Web Platform that Gives Veterinary Professionals a New Tool to Enhance Their Job Search

12.16.19 – NAVC’S Veterinary Meeting and Expo (VMX) Launches Breakthrough Virtual Expo Hall

12.13.19 – Compassion-First Pet Hospitals Sponsors Veterinary Students at VMX 2020

11.25.19 – Life-changing Advances in Animal Medicine Will Be Introduced and Taught at the World’s Largest Veterinary Conference

8.12.19 – The NAVC Named One of the Top Workplaces in Orlando by the Orlando Sentinel

7.16.19 – NAVC Recognized for Excellence in Media

6.20.19 – NAVC’S VMX Meeting & Expo Receives Fastest 50 Award for Double Digit Growth

5.23.19 – Advances in veterinary medicine are extending the lives and quality of life for animals

5.20.19 – Pet Nutrition Alliance Announces a New Resource to Aid in Making Informed Decisions about Pet Foods: Dare to Ask!

5.1.19 – Zoetis Becomes First Human-Animal Bond Certified Company

4.15.19 – NAVC Adds to Communications and Advocacy Strategy; Hires Vice President of Public Relations

4.2.19 – The NAVC Welcomes Vice President of Professional and Community Relations

2.13.19 – The NAVC Welcomes Dr. Cheryl Good as 2019-2020 Board President

1.14.19 – The NAVC and LifeLearn Partner to Deliver an All-New VetFolio

12.21.18 – NAVC Media Announces the Promotion of Doreen Carpenter

10.26.18 – The NAVC and GuavaVet Change the Game for Veterinary Human Resources with New Recruitment Software

10.3.18 – NAVC Regains Ownership of VetFolio

8.6.18 – Today’s Veterinary Business Announces New Resource Library

6.23.18 – NAVC Named One of Florida Trend’s Top 100 Best Companies 

5.10.18 – The NAVC Announces NAVTA President Kara Burns as
New Editor in Chief of Today’s Veterinary Nurse

4.24.18 – Innovators and Thought Leaders Convened for the Second Annual Veterinary Innovation Summit

2.15.18 – PetCoach and Whistle announce Scratchpay as the winner of the VMX Pet Project 2018

2.7.18 – VMX Surpasses Attendance Records in its Inaugural Year

2.4.18 – NAVC and The Veterinary Innovation Council Announce Veterinary Innovation Award Winners

2.3.18 – NAVC Announces Strategic Alliance with UBM Animal Care

2.3.18 – NAVC and HABRI Launch Human-Animal Bond Veterinary Certification

1.17.18 – NAVC Expands and Upgrades Executive Team

1.4.18 – NAVC and VetPartners Announce New Partnership

11.14.17 – “The VETTYs” Return to Honor The Best in Animal Health Marketing

10.18.17 – The North American Veterinary Community’s Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC) Leads Telehealth Advancement By Supporting and Advising State Legislators

10.17.17 – The North American Veterinary Community Announces Repositioning of Official Journal: Today’s Veterinary Nurse

8.30.17 – NAVC Named Among Top 100 Companies of 2017 by the Orlando Sentinel

8.7.17 – The North American Veterinary Community and The Veterinary Innovation Council Announce the Finalists of the Inaugural Veterinary Innovation Awards

6.8.17 – NAVC CEO, Tom Bohn, Recognized as Top Executive, Innovator and Changemaker

4.19.17 – The North American Veterinary Community and The Veterinary
Innovation Council are pleased to announce the Veterinary Innovation
Awards Advisory Board

3.30.17 – New Partnership Brings AAHA Accredited Members an Unparalleled Experience at VMX 2018

3.2.17 – The North American Veterinary Community Launches Today’s Veterinary Business

2.6.17 – The NAVC and The Veterinary Innovation Council are proud to announce Andrew Bane as the newest member of the VIC Board of Directors

2.5.17 – The North American Veterinary Community and The Veterinary Innovation Council are pleased to announce the Inaugural Veterinary Innovation Awards

2.4.17 – The NAVC Unveils New Name for World’s Largest Animal Health Conference

1.27.17 – Veterinary Advantage Acquisition Puts NAVC Publishing on Top

1.24.17 – The North American Veterinary Community Introduces Today’s Veterinary Business and Welcomes Ken Niedziela as Editor