The North American Veterinary Community

Our Vision

A world in which the veterinary healthcare team thrives.

Our Mission Statement

The NAVC is a nonprofit organization that creates unparalleled opportunities for the veterinary community that foster lifelong learning, encourage growth and promote wellbeing to advance animal care worldwide.

Our Values

Inclusive – We welcome and respect individuality within the global animal healthcare community.

Driven – We serve veterinary professionals around the world with integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Curious – We consistently analyze how things can be done in a new or better way.

Spirited – We cultivate a fun, caring and respectful environment for our employees and community.

Accountable – We hold each other responsible for follow through on commitments and work together as a high-performing team.

Our History

Discover the roots and evolution of our veterinary community.

NAVC History


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See the NAVC’s Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

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