NAVC Retriever Connects Job Seekers to Hiring Companies in the Veterinary Industry

Within its first year, the NAVC Retriever app has helped over 3,300 job seekers and 2,000 hiring practices in the veterinary industry


NOTE: The following article contains information that is considered to be out of date and no longer accurate. 

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The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and guavaVet today announced the launch of a new web platform that utilizes Google’s search engine, enabling users to search for job opportunities in the veterinary industry unlike ever before. This feature enhances the NAVC Retriever app, giving veterinary professionals the ability to browse hiring organizations and opportunities that interest them before turning to the app to apply for their perfect match.

NAVC Retriever is an app-based job recruiting program designed for the veterinary community that pairs individuals with hiring practices to create uniquely suited matches. The app looks at different criteria including location, species, skills, experience, and many more to ensure the match is suitable for both the hiring manager and the applicant. The new web platform reinforces the app and enhances the user experience, allowing them to browse through all available jobs in the veterinary field. Using Google’s search engine, job seekers will be able to search through opportunities across the industry that interest them before they turn to the NAVC Retriever app for the matching process.

“This new web platform opens the doors for veterinary professionals to see who is hiring and for what positions across the veterinary field so they can zero in on those jobs and organizations of interest,” said NAVC Chief Media and Sales Officer Laura Walker. “It’s the perfect complement to the NAVC Retriever app which then finds the best possible fit, or match, between job applicants and hiring managers.”

The NAVC Retriever app is specifically dedicated to the veterinarian industry, helping veterinarians, veterinary technicians and nurses, veterinary students, nurse students and practice managers find full-time, part-time and relief positions. Within the first year of its launch, it has caught up to leading job sites in the veterinary industry. This platform was created by veterinary surgeon Aubrey Kumm who has been able to tailor the service specifically to what professionals are looking for based on his own first-hand experiences in the industry.

“With job seekers turning to the web and their mobile devices to find opportunities, online job sites are flooded with jobs and applicants that too often are not the right fit,” said Aubrey Kumm veterinary surgeon and founder of guavaVet. “We wanted to eliminate the noise for both the employer and the applicants, so we applied innovative technology to basically create a ‘virtual assistant’ who helps the applicant find jobs they are best suited for and the employer identify applicants who are truly qualified. The NAVC Retriever app gives users a glimpse of what it’s like to drink from a water fountain flavored to their taste rather than drinking from a fire hose.”

The NAVC Retriever app allows employers to create job postings indicating positions and qualifications they are looking for in an employee. Job seekers create their account specifying their skills along with their desired species and location. An algorithm, specifically designed for the NAVC Retriever app connects the applicants with practices based on their applicant’s personal preferences. Once the NAVC Retriever app notifies job seekers that they have been matched with an employer who meets their preferences, they are able to quickly apply within the app. Employers then receive an email with the applicant’s profile and contact information. The NAVC Retriever is completely confidential. Employers are unable to search candidates within the platform. Even if a job seeker is matched to their current employer, they would never be notified unless the job seeker applies for one of the posted positions.

The NAVC Retriever app has reached 2,000 employers and registered more than 3,300 job seekers in the veterinary industry since its official launch last January.