Note: This article contains information that is considered out of date.

Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit To Take Place August 27- 29 In Kansas City

Note: This article contains information that is considered out of date.

Consumer-driven trends and technology breakthroughs that are transforming the delivery of healthcare and the purchase of veterinary products and services will be the focus of the combined Veterinary Innovation Summit and NAVC Media eCommerce August 27 – 29 in Kansas City, MO.


Some of the world’s most progressive and innovative thinkers will be among the featured presenters on topics that include: how 3D printing, genomics, big data and other digital technologies are revolutionizing animal healthcare; the impact of COVID-19 on pet owners’ behaviors and expectations, how the veterinary industry is permanently adapting to COVID-driven changes and new data that explores pet adoption trends; and how new technologies currently applied to human medicine can also be applied in veterinary medicine.


“Consumers are driving change and innovation within the veterinary and pet industry now more than ever,” said NAVC CEO, Gene O’Neill. “The Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit brings the most innovative and creative minds together, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of veterinary medicine and a look at new technologies and breakthroughs in animal medicine that are impacting the profession.”


Traditionally held as two separate events, this year, for the first time, these events will be hosted together, marking the merger of separate veterinary and pet segments into a single omnichannel market. The August Summit also includes a Startup Pitch Competition that will recognize new, innovative companies in the industry.


Speaker and Session Highlights:

  • Keynote Speaker: Richard Susskind, President, Society for Computers and Law
    The Future of Professions/How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts.”
  • Heidi Sirota, Chief Pet Officer, Nationwide Pet Insurance

“Democratizing Pet Ownership by Improving Access to Prescription Medications.”

  • David Haworth, DVM, PhD, President, Vidium Animal Health
    “The Coming ‘Omics’ Revolution in Veterinary Medicine – Glimpsing the Future.”
  • David Sprinkle, Research Director, Packaged Facts & Publishing

“The Pet Population Reset in Wake of COVID-19.”

  • Eleanor M. Green, DVM, DACVIM, DABVP, Senior Advisor and Consultant, Animal Policy Group
    “Convergence of Frontiers in Veterinary and Human Healthcare.”
  • Kerry O’Hara, PhDc, President of APG | O’Hara Research & Analytics
    “COVID-19 Impact and Implications for the Animal Health Industry.”
  • Ainsley Bone, DVM, MBA, Senior Veterinary Communications Manager, Professional Engagement Team, Nestle Purina PetCare
    John Dillon, Founder & CEO GuardianVets
    “Lessons Learned at the Intersection of Telehealth and eCommerce”




Startup Exhibit Pitch Competition:

During the event, 14 companies will be accepted into the Startup Exhibit program and 10 to the Emerging Companies program. Of these, three startups will be pre-selected to participate in the Startup Exhibit Pitch Competition that will take place August 28. These three finalists will compete for cash prizes totaling $10,000. The deadline to apply for the Startup Exhibit and Emerging Company Competition is July 6.


The Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit is hosted annually by the Veterinary Innovation Council and the NAVC. To learn more about the Veterinary Innovation Council, visit