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Today’s Veterinary Business

Today’s Veterinary Business is the first addition to the NAVC family of publications that solely focuses on the business side of the animal health practice. Cutting edge content covers topics relating to practice management, marketing, communication strategies, industry news, retailing and merchandising, and financial benchmarks to drive practices forward. The readership is focused on veterinarians, veterinary nurses and technicians, practice managers and corporate veterinary personnel.

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Today’s Veterinary Nurse

Today’s Veterinary Nurse is NAVC’s peer‐reviewed journal created specifically for veterinary nurses, veterinary assistants, veterinary nursing students and other members of the veterinary healthcare team. Stay current with the latest techniques and information to enhance your practical nursing and technical skills, earn CE and master your skills with our unique medical focus for nurses and technicians, and enjoy peer‐reviewed quality content from experts in veterinary medicine.

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Today’s Veterinary Practice

Today’s Veterinary Practice, NAVC’s original peer-reviewed journal, offers up-to-date content for veterinarians, veterinary nurses and technicians, practice managers, veterinary assistants, veterinary faculty and third- and fourth-year veterinary students. Published six times per year, Today’s Veterinary Practice is BPA media audited and certified, with a current circulation of more than 60,000 subscribers. All articles are peer-reviewed by more than two dozen well-known veterinary experts.

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Veterinary Advantage

Veterinary Advantage is the only outlet within the NAVC Publishing division focused on serving the animal health distribution channel and its constituents. The acquisition includes the Companion, Equine and Livestock editions of Vet-Advantage, as well as a variety of apps and digital products aimed at bringing together the manufacturing and distribution communities. It also includes the Fountain Report, an executive-focused comprehensive weekly newsletter read by animal health industry executives.

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The NAVC online store offers a convenient online shopping experience for all your veterinary reference and educational needs.

Publishing is a key piece in the NAVC commitment to quality education and information for veterinarians and veterinary professionals—year-round. Launched in 2016, NAVC’s online bookstore features high-quality reference books categorized by ‘Veterinary Medicine,’ ‘Veterinary Technician/Nurse’ and ‘Veterinary Assistant.’ Along with a cover image, each book listing includes a synopsis as well as the complete table of contents to help readers decide which book meets their specific needs.

NAVC Conference and VMX Proceedings and free subscriptions to the official NAVC journals, Today’s Veterinary BusinessToday’s Veterinary Practice and Today’s Veterinary Nurse, are available through the Online Bookstore as well as NAVC’s self-published titles. Shop NAVC today to browse our shelves.

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