Mella Wins Fourth Annual Veterinary Innovation + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit Startup Pitch Competition

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The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) announced the remote wellness technology solution startup as the winner of the award which showcases extraordinary young companies serving the veterinary industry

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ORLANDO, FLNOVEMBER 29, 2021 – The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) announced Mella as the winner of the Veterinary Innovation + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit Startup Pitch Competition. The competition was held during the fourth annual Veterinary Innovation + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit which brings together the most innovative and creative minds in the global veterinary industry. The Summit provides attendees with a glimpse into the future of veterinary medicine and a look at new technologies and breakthroughs that are impacting the profession.


“We are thrilled to recognize and support new products that will advance the veterinary profession and help our animals receive better quality healthcare,” said NAVC CEO, Gene O’Neill. “New technologies and innovations like the Mella Thermometer are great for our industry because they provide fear-free alternatives for pets and efficient solutions for veterinary professionals and pet parents.”


Mella builds remote wellness technology solutions for veterinarians and pet owners to better understand and track pet health. Mella provides proactive pet health monitoring that is non-invasive and integrated at multiple levels to facilitate the seamless sharing of patient data between veterinarians, pet owners, patient records and wellness platforms in real time. The Mella Home Thermometer and Mella Pro Thermometer both offer a non-invasive, fear-free approach to measuring cats’ and dogs’ temperature.


“Mella’s non-invasive thermometer is the world’s first pet thermometer that accurately measures their temperature under the armpit – a game changer for pet parents and veterinarians everywhere,” said Anya Babbitt, CEO & Co-Founder. “The NAVC has been instrumental in introducing Mella to the global veterinary community since we started Mella. We are dedicated to innovating with our veterinary partners to enable greater access to smart and connected health monitoring for pets in the clinic and home.”


This year, the Veterinary Innovation Summit + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit welcomed nearly 300 attendees in Kansas City, MO. There were 21 startup companies exhibiting and three were selected to pitch their products live at the Summit. The Veterinary Innovation + NAVC Media eCommerce Summit is hosted annually by the Veterinary Innovation Council and the NAVC. To learn more about the Veterinary Innovation Council, visit


About the NAVC

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing veterinary professionals worldwide. The world’s leading provider of veterinary continuing education, the NAVC delivers essential training, tools and resources for veterinary professionals to stay abreast of advances in animal medicine and provide the best medical care for animals everywhere. Through its commitment to innovation and excellence, the NAVC has developed a diverse portfolio of products and services, including educational events, headlined by VMX, the world’s largest, most comprehensive continuing education conference and launchpad for new products and innovations within the veterinary industry; a robust digital platform for virtual learning and engagement; the veterinary industry’s largest and award-winning portfolio of trade publications; and an advocacy arm which unites the veterinary community and pet lovers. The NAVC was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Orlando, FL. Since 2017, the NAVC has been recognized annually as one of the Top Workplaces by the Orlando Sentinel. To learn more about the NAVC’s products and brands, visit To see our schedule of upcoming events, visit


About Mella

Mella, a Chicago-based startup, is building an ecosystem of health monitoring solutions for veterinarians and pet parents, starting with the first-ever accurate axillary thermometer, followed by a body fat analyzer, pulse ox, EKG and more. Preventative tools are now accessible, allowing pets to live longer, happier lives. The Mella founders have worked together since 2014. Their last company was acquired by a Fortune 100.