Have you, or someone you know, made a profound difference in the veterinary profession?

Nominations for the new NAVC Gives program are open!

NAVC has launched a new award program created to support and advance the veterinary profession and wellbeing of people and animals worldwide. 

This newly-chartered, first-ever grassroots program of its kind supports individuals, groups and organizations around the world that have made a profound impact in various ways. NAVC Gives shines light on accomplishments that have contributed to the global veterinary community and animal wellbeing that would otherwise go unnoticed or overlooked.

On a year-round basis, NAVC recognizes those who have advanced animal health care, invested in veterinary professionals or did something extraordinary for their team, a client or an animal with a cash award. 


Philanthropy and giving back to the veterinary community has been at the heart of the NAVC since our inception 40 years ago and we continue to find new and innovative ways to support and advance the veterinary profession and animal healthcare worldwide. With the NAVC Gives awards program, we are able to expand our reach even further and ensure that the NAVC will be making a positive impact on the field of veterinary medicine for years to come.

Since its inception in 1982, the NAVC's principal focus has been enriching veterinary professionals through education. Each year, the NAVC has supported members of the global veterinary community through scholarship programs such as the Dr. Earl H. Rippie Veterinary Nurse Leadership Scholarships, the Michael J. Day AFSCAN Scholarship, Colin F. Burrows International Scholar Program, free education subscriptions and conference registration and other charitable donations.

We believe this commitment will enrich the greater veterinary community and further support the profession we love and ultimately benefit animals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can be nominated for the NAVC Gives award program?

The NAVC established this award program to recognize those who support its organizational mission, to “create unparalleled opportunities for the veterinary community that foster lifelong learning, encourage growth and promote well-being to advance animal care worldwide.” The NAVC Gives awards program makes this possible by allowing the NAVC to acknowledge outstanding achievements, remarkable contributions, or excellent performance of individuals, groups, or organizations in the animal health field. Any individual, group or organization that fits this description is eligible for nomination.

How does NAVC Gives evaluate nominations and select an honoree?

Recipients of NAVC Gives awards will be selected by a judging committee that is composed of NAVC board members, staff, and other individuals from the animal healthcare industry. Nominations will include a conflict of interest disclosure for any professional or personal association with members of the NAVC board or staff and judges will be asked to abstain from evaluating any nominations that may present a conflict. Judges will determine finalists and recipients using a merit-based scale. This judges will evaluate the nomination’s: 

  • Excellence – The extent to which the nominee has demonstrated excellence, exceptional contribution, or innovation in the field of animal health
  • Impact - The significance and positive impact of the achievement or contributions in the animal health industry.
  • Alignment – The degree to which the achievement or contribution is aligned with the vision of allowing the veterinary healthcare team thrive.  

The judging criteria were developed to identify the nominations that most closely align with and made the most progress in furthering the NAVC’s mission and vision.

Where can those who are interested find more information and apply?

Anyone interested in learning more can visit the NAVC’s website at 

Is the NAVC accepting donations?

Not at this time. NAVC Gives is a program that is completely funded by a board-directed fund. This means that honorees receive awards that are generated by earnings from the fund. This program is part of the NAVC’s vision of helping create “a world in which the veterinary healthcare team thrives” and is designed to support organizations and individuals who are also working toward that goal.

How is NAVC Gives related to the mission of the NAVC?

NAVC Gives is a natural extension of the NAVC’s greater mission: “The NAVC is a nonprofit organization that creates unparalleled opportunities for the veterinary community that foster lifelong learning, encourage growth and promote well-being to advance animal care worldwide.” This program provides the NAVC the opportunity to support and recognize others who are doing excellent work in furthering this mission.

Does the NAVC plan to continue this program?

Yes. NAVC plans to continue this program for years to come and allow it to evolve so it can support the organization’s mission to the fullest extent.

How many awards will be given out each year?

Unlike most award programs that have a set timetable for accepting nominations, NAVC Gives will recognize accomplishments and notable achievements throughout the year based on the merit and impact of the application. Multiple awards may be given out during the course of each year and we have not set a cap on the number of awards that will be made each year.

How much money will be awarded per winning nomination?

The amount of money for each award will not be fixed.  Award amounts will reflect the level of excellence and impact demonstrated by the recipient. We hope to recognize many people and organizations throughout each year.