Talkatoo Wins Fourth Annual VMX Pet Pitch Competition

A Dictation Tool Frees Veterinarians from Paper Work So They Can Spend More Time with Their Patients

At the 38th annual Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX), the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) today announced Talkatoo as the winner of the fourth annual shark-tank style VMX Startup Pet Pitch Competition. Four startup companies that are exhibiting in the VMX Startup Circle were selected to pitch their new products in front of a live judging panel on the Expo Floor. See the recap video here.


Talkatoo is a dictation tool that helps veterinary professionals speed up transcribing their clinical records. Each day, members in the veterinary practice spend hours transcribing patient files and notes, often after hours. Talkatoo provides veterinarians with faster human-computer interaction, which results in more time with patients and clients.


“We found Talkatoo to be an invaluable resource to the veterinary community,” said Paige Allen MS, RVT and NAVC Board President and one of the five judges. “One of our biggest challenges as veterinary professionals is time. With Talkatoo, we can spend less time taking notes, doing paperwork and being on the computer, and better utilize our time to care for our patients and interact with our clients.”


Pictured left to right: Jay De Jong, Gene O’Neill, Shawn Wilkie, Paige Allen, Karen Kline, Ken Niedziela.


The VMX Startup Pet Pitch Competition and Startup Circle give new companies the opportunity to introduce their products, services and solutions to thousands of veterinary professionals and practice decision makers. As the Grand Pet Pitch Competition winner, Talkatoo will receive a complimentary exhibitor booth at the Veterinary Innovation (VIS) Summit in Kansas City and an invitation to attend Purina’s annual Innovation Summit — an invitation only event held at Nestle-Purina headquarters in St. Louis, MO.


“We’ve won the VMX Startup Pet Pitch Competition at the largest veterinary conference in the world. It’s a big deal!” said Shawn Wilkie, Talkatoo CEO. “This is our industry, these are our people, and now a lot more of them are going to know about Talkatoo and what we can provide them.”


VMX is the largest and most comprehensive veterinary conference in the world and has held the VMX Pet Pitch competition since 2018. The NAVC has welcomed over 100 startup companies and awarded over $100K in monetary prizes thanks to the various industry sponsors who have supported this program since inception.


Judges for this year’s VMX Pet Pitch Competition include:

Paige Allen, MS, RVT, President, NAVC

Jay De Jong, Co-Founder, Active Capital

Karen Kline, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology), CVA, Board Member, NAVC

Ken Niedziela, Editor, Today’s Veterinary Business, NAVC

Gene O’Neill, CEO, NAVC


About Talkatoo

Talkatoo is a desktop dictation solution that augments your current workflow by using speech-to-text capability with specialized vocabularies. With a Mac or Windows computer, veterinarians can spend less time writing notes and more time with their patients.