NAVC Donates Medical Supplies to Florida Department of Health

Medical masks, gowns and other supplies to be repurposed throughout Florida to fight the coronavirus

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) has made a large donation of unused medical supplies to the Florida Department of Health. The supplies include 1,000 sets of medical shoe covers, hundreds of masks, isolation and surgical gowns, medical head covers, gloves, other personal protective equipment, and medical-grade disinfection solutions it had in stock for hands-on workshops the NAVC conducts for veterinary professionals. The value of the donation is more than $10,000.

NAVC Donates Medical Supplies to Florida Department of Health

NAVC employees realized they could repurpose supplies not currently being used to help alleviate shortages in medical facilities throughout Florida. The Florida Department of Health, Alachua County division, accepted and picked up the supplies and will disperse them to those Florida communities that need them most to fight the coronavirus.

“This is what community is about for NAVC – helping others get what they can’t get for themselves. I am so proud of our employees who made this happen and proud to do our part to help our fellow Floridians during this crisis,” said NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill