VMX 2020 Kicks Off January 18 in Orlando

Powerhouse Veterinary Industry Conference Returns to OCCC

Breakthroughs in cancer treatment and reconstructive surgery for cats; the use of artificial intelligence to better detect advanced eye disease in dogs; new pharmaceutical options like CBD for pets; and even ways for the veterinary team to treat the traumatized turtle are among the topics that will be taught, discussed and demonstrated at the world’s largest gathering of veterinary professionals January 18 – 22 at the Orange County Convention Center.

Approximately 17,000 veterinarians, nurses, technicians, support staff and global leaders in animal healthcare from more than 50 countries will attend the 36th annual Veterinary Meeting and Expo (VMX) hosted by the North American Veterinary Community, the world’s largest provider of continuing education for veterinary professionals. Veterinarians from around the world will have the opportunity to learn from the world’s leading experts in animal medicine and receive hands-on training. As the first veterinary conference of the year, VMX has also become the launchpad for new product and pharmaceutical introductions each year, including innovations and exhibits in its New Product Gallery.

“With advances in animal medicine paralleling those of human medicine, animals are living longer and experiencing a much better quality of life,” said NAVC interim CEO Eugene O’Neill. “Veterinary professionals from all over will have the opportunity to learn life-saving and lifechanging techniques from the most renowned leaders in animal medicine who will be teaching and presenting at VMX. They will also experience and see the latest in pharmaceuticals, surgical and medical equipment and nutrition from the more than 700 exhibiting companies.”

From companion pets and large animals, to farm animals and exotics, VMX provides more than 40 immersive hands-on workshops and 900-plus sessions on topics including: life-saving surgical and medical techniques, veterinary acupuncture and veterinary rehabilitation including underwater treadmills, and behavior training and techniques to reduce aggression and anxiety in pets.

Conference highlights include:

Medical marijuana and pets, what veterinarians need to know.
A standing-room only topic at VMX 2019, the issue of medical cannabis use is a complicated one for veterinarians. Is it dangerous? Is it legal? Does it help? These and other related issues will be covered in several sessions led by Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, and Veterinary Technician Specialist Stephen Cital, co-founder for the Veterinary Cannabis Academy and research librarian for Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting.

Trends/advances in early cancer detection and diagnosis.
Dr. Sue Ettinger, veterinary cancer specialist and co-author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, is among the leading veterinary oncologists who will help veterinarians learn more about treatment and care options for pets.

Veterinary medicine of the future.
Adoptive immunotherapy which tells your immune system to kill your own cancer cells; a miniature ultrasound attached to a smartphone that enables veterinarians to diagnose feline heart disease; and artificial intelligence that provides greater detail into a dog’s eye are some of the breakthroughs to be shared with the veterinary community in these Ted-talk style lectures*.

Temple Grandin, one of Time Magazine’s “most influential people in the world” and subject of an Emmy and Golden Globe-winning film, fought for and improved the welfare of farm animals. She will speak about animal behavior, welfare and cattle stockmanship.

Fear Free Workshops and Certification.
Going to the vet does not have to be filled with anxiety and stress for pets or their owners. Dr. Marty Becker, founder of Fear FreeⓇ SM, will certify veterinarians on new approaches and gentle techniques to create a calm environment and more successful veterinary visit.

Just as humans are challenged to determine what’s good and what’s bad when it comes to food and nutrition, consumers are hit with a barrage of often conflicting information regarding pet nutrition. Ellen Lowry, DVM, Ph.D., MBA, expert on pet nutrition will discuss nutrition and dietary recommendations.

Mental health and wellness.
Nadie Hamilton, Australian psychologist and leader in veterinary wellness will discuss compassion fatigue, imposter syndrome and other factors contributing to the wellbeing epidemic in the veterinary profession.

Startup Circle and New Product Gallery.
New innovations in animal healthcare will be presented in these two forums where, over the years, breakthroughs such as home urine tests to monitor chronic conditions under the supervision of veterinarians and Next Generation DNA Sequencing that measures accurate microbial identification have been showcased. Technologies such as these will eventually become the gold standard on how animals are treated and cared for, and can be seen first-hand at VMX.

Goat Yoga, Puppy Pilates, CatNap Cafe and Puppy Playground.
VMX attendees can take a break and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of goat yoga or snuggle with adoptable kittens and puppies.

Industry Partners.
The world’s leading companies in animal healthcare will be among the over 700 organizations showcasing their latest products in the Expo Hall. These include Boehringer Ingelheim; Merck Animal Health; Zoetis Petcare; Dechra Veterinary Products; Elanco Animal Health; Bayer Healthcare; Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.; IDEXX; Nutramax Laboratories; Veterinary Sciences, Inc.; Royal Canin USA; Virbac; Banfield Pet Hospital; KindredBio; and VCAANTECH- SOUND.

The NAVC provides continuing education and training to approximately 500,000 veterinary professionals each year through a variety of initiatives. VMX, its largest program, was named to Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50 this year which recognized it as “One of the Elite Events” of 2018.