Creating Change for the Better

Our world is changing fast. We’re here to help make it change for the better.

Everywhere we go, every conversation we have, we are looking for the common threads to amplify our impact on the community we serve and the world we share.

To date, our actions have triggered an intensive dialogue across the veterinary profession. We are truly making a difference on local, state and national levels and pushing the critical issues and actions in order to provide better care for animals everywhere.

We’re not the voice of animal health. We’re the megaphone. And we want your voice to be heard.

Veterinary Innovation Council

This collaborative, industry-wide initiative is focused on leading innovation in global animal health.

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PetsPAC is the Industry’s innovative political action committee.

Everyone can participate from pet owners to those lucky enough to work in the pet health space. Companies and individuals may contribute directly.

Stay informed real time about what’s happening around the country that affects our lives and work and pets. Be part of the first effort to bring pet owners and animal health professionals together to make good things happen, and stop bad things from happening in our industry.

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