Dermatology Leaders Drs. Domenico Santoro and Amelia White to Present  New Treatment Options and Antibiotic-Resistance Threats to Pets and Humans at BSAVA Congress 23

NAVC Board President Dr. Bob Lester and Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Dana Varble to Moderate Day-Long Program Sponsored by NAVC March 25 in Manchester, England


ORLANDO, FL – MARCH 21, 2023 – Ten to 15% percent of dogs and cats suffer from allergic dermatology issues. More than lumps, bumps and annoying itching, skin disease impacts the quality of life for pets and pet owners, can lead to “owner fatigue” and, with overuse of antibiotics, worsen the deepening crisis of antibiotic resistance in pets and humans.

Itchy dog Allergic

Dr. Amelia White examines Ivy Jane, a dog with allergic dermatitis

Domenico Santoro, DVM, MS, DrSc, Ph.D., DACVD, DECVD, DACVM, Associate Professor at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, and  Amelia White, DVM, MS, DACVD, Associate Clinical Professor at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, will cover a broad range of topics from clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of allergic skin diseases to developing standardized approaches to the treatment of bacterial infections at BSAVA Congress 23 Saturday, March 25. These leaders in veterinary dermatology will conduct six sessions, sponsored by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), from 9:00 AM to 5:35 PM at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, Exchange 8, 9, 10. NAVC’s Board President Bob Lester, DVM, and Chief Veterinary Officer Dana Varble, DVM, CAE, will moderate the day-long track.

“Allergic skin diseases are chronic diseases. They are not curable but they are manageable,” said Dr. Santoro. “There are many more options for treatment today and pet owners are more engaged and excited to learn and try new options like natural products and care instead of using antibiotics for example. This is so important as skin allergies significantly impact the quality of life for pets and their owners too.”

allergic derm dog

Dr. Domenico Santoro with his patient Brody, a dog with allergies.

“Skin problems and allergies are very common in dogs and cats. It was the number one reason people brought their pets to their veterinarians during the pandemic,” said Dr. White. “It is critical that we identify and treat the allergy source so we do not get caught in the vicious cycle of over-reliance on antibiotics which not only impact pets, but their owners who get exposed to skin infections from snuggling and sleeping with infected pets.” 

Among the key topics veterinary professionals attending the dermatology sessions will learn are:

  • Allergic skin diseases: clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment options. This includes understanding the unique differences in allergic diseases in dogs and cats and how this influences treatment approaches;
  • Bacterial dermatitis: understanding why infections occur and how resistance develops; developing a standardized first-line approach to the treatment of bacterial infection;
  • Learning from mistakes: how to differentiate between bacterial, viral and other skin diseases and how to develop good protocol approaches to avoid the development of complicated bacterial infections.

To schedule an interview with the presenting veterinarians and/or moderators, contact [email protected].

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