Veterinary Nurse / Technician Empowerment Initiative

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) launched the Veterinary Nurse/Technician Empowerment Initiative to elevate and advance the role of veterinary nurses and technicians within veterinary healthcare teams and encourage the next generation to pursue careers as veterinary nurses/technicians. By elevating this critical position and helping veterinary nurses and technicians reach their full potential, we will help improve the performance of our veterinary healthcare teams and the health of animals everywhere.



Programs include: 

  • Annual Global Veterinary Nurse Virtual Summit, Level Up: Veterinary Nurses & Technicians  Held annually during Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week, Level Up: Veterinary Nurses & Technicians is a free virtual global summit that helps veterinary nurses and technicians reach their full potential and elevate their careers through world-class Continuing Education presented by global leaders across the veterinary industry. This virtual summit is free to veterinary nurses and technicians worldwide. The first summit, held in October 2021 focused on patient advocacy, behavior, pain management, and wellness.

  • Veterinary Nurse Empowerment Webinar Series  The NAVC will launch a three-part webinar series with industry leaders to discuss the challenges and issues facing the veterinary nurse and technician profession. These interactive virtual sessions will start in March, culminating in a session at the NAVC’s second annual Level Up: Veterinary Nurses & Technicians Virtual Summit in October. Topics will center around issues affecting the profession including: recognition and wellbeing; compensation and turnover; and utilization.



  • NAVC Institute  Beginning this May at NAVC Institute 2022, the NAVC will introduce new hands-on workshops specifically designed for veterinary nurses and technicians where they will experience several days of immersive learning, side-by-side with worldwide renowned experts in veterinary medicine. The first two new sessions will focus on anesthesia and everyday behavior medicine. When veterinary nurses and technicians leave NAVC Institute, they will be able to take these learnings back to their practices and put them into immediate use.



  • Veterinary Nurse Mentorship Program  This virtual mentorship program will help new veterinary nurses and technicians entering the field learn and grow from seasoned professionals. The program will consist of a webinar series with five to 10 professionals serving as mentors to new veterinary nurses and technicians. These mentors will provide guidance in a virtual group setting on various topics including specialties, conflict resolution, and role utilization offering a modern approach to a traditional mentor program.

  • Career Advancement Guide Series and Career Guide  The NAVC’s industry-leading trade publications, Today’s Veterinary Nurse and Today’s Veterinary Business, are launching a series of features and columns dedicated solely to personal and professional development for veterinary nurses and technicians. Among the topics to be featured are leadership, client communication, and patient consultations. The NAVC will also develop a digital Career Advancement Guide.

  • Today’s Veterinary Nurse “Clinic Champions” Series  Every day, veterinary nurses and technicians make a positive impact on their clients, patients, coworkers, and the greater community. Today’s Veterinary Nurse will shine a light on their impact with its new Clinic Champions series. In each quarterly issue, Today’s Veterinary Nurse and Midmark will honor a veterinary nurse for their contributions to community service, scholarship, advocacy, or innovation. One of the four honorees will be recognized as the Clinic Champion of the Year and receive an all-inclusive trip to VMX 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

  • National Consumer Awareness and Education Campaign  The NAVC is launching a first-of-its-kind national consumer awareness and education campaign sponsored by VCA Animal Hospitals with support from the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). The year-long campaign will focus on the extensive education that veterinary nurses and credentialed technicians pursue as well as the highly-skilled procedures they perform, including 16 specialty certifications. The goal is to change perceptions and attitudes among pet owners so they feel more confident and accepting of having a qualified, certified veterinary nurse or technician care for their loved ones.