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Your patients already love you for what you do, but now you can make sure your clients understand your role.

We all know the superheroes in the Marvel universe, but what about the everyday superhero whose “superpower” is going to work and making the lives of their animal patients safer, more comfortable and better? Yep, we’re talking about you! Every day, you are a patient advocate, phlebotomist, radiology technician, laboratory technician, anesthesia technician, surgery technician and more. And yet, you're human. But do the pet parents in your practice understand your role and trust you with the care of their pets?

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According to an NAVC survey of U.S. pet owners, nearly half (47%) of pet owners did not know that the role of the credentialed veterinary technician includes performing medical tasks and procedures. The overwhelming majority, 73%, understood their role was cleaning cages, removing animal waste, feeding or grooming pets — tasks generally performed by less experienced and non-credentialed staff. Sixty-three percent of pet owners do not know that credentialed veterinary technicians are the animal healthcare equivalent of registered nurses in the human medical field.

It’s time to change that perception! We’ve got a toolkit of posters, social media posts, graphics, a client handout, clinic conversation starter, and links to related resources to help you educate the clients who walk through your doors about the training and work you put in to become a veterinary technician.


Our toolkit materials are downloadable and shareable, and they’re all designed to educate clients (and maybe even some members of your team) about the crucial role you have in providing medical and nursing care to their beloved pets. We’ve got resources that you can display in the clinic, share on your website or social media pages and hand out to clients.


Your clients know you as the person who greets their pet with a smile, a head rub and an amazing, reassuring attitude. But do they understand that credentialed veterinary technicians complete a national exam to become certified, are highly skilled and educated, and have advanced training, such as assisting in surgeries and performing advanced procedures? Whether you’ve started taking appointments, are trying to build trust or are simply educating your clients, our client handout explains how you earned the three-letter designation after your name.


Are you being underutilized in your practice, clinic or hospital, but haven’t had the time, words or courage to have the conversation with your boss, practice manager or team? We’ve got a downloadable letter that you can share to help jumpstart the “trust conversation” within your practice. It explains how increasing your responsibilities so that your skills are utilized appropriately benefits not only you but also the practice, your team, the clients, and of course, your patients.


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