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Exhibit at the NAVC Institute

May 19-24, 2019 | Orlando, FL

Consider the many benefits of exhibiting at the NAVC Institute:

  • You’ll reach an audience that’s committed to excellence
  • You can connect personally with veterinary professionals in a smaller, intimate setting
  • Your company’s products and services will be seen repeatedly over multiple days
  • You’re in the spotlight with less competition in this smaller venue

It’s a unique chance to showcase your products and services among the industry’s leading healthcare practitioners, and enjoy several days of one-on-one discussions with potential buyers.

Attendee quality lead potential for you:

  • 81.15 % have been in practice for 6 years or longer
  • 85.40 % make or have decision recommendation power for
    practice purchases
  • 100 % visited exhibitors for at least 1 hour
  • 88.28 % expressed the enjoyment of having the exhibitors
    present as being very worthwhile
  • 96.85 % would enroll in another NAVC Institute course

Expo Booth Pricing

Includes 4’ x 8’ booth, (piped and draped with company name), two badges and meals.

  • Institute Exhibitor-only Fee: $1,600.00
  • Hands-on Workshop Sponsor Fee – Presidential Honor Sponsor: $695.00 ($905 discount)
  • Hands-on Workshop Sponsor Fee – High Honors Sponsor: $800.00 ($800 discount)
  • Hands-on Workshop Sponsor Fee – Honor Roll Sponsor: $995 ($605 discount)
  • Core Course Sponsor Booth: Complimentary
  • Course Supporter Booth: $645.00 ($955 discount)
  • Additional Name Badges: $100 per day, per badge. Includes meals for that day in the Institute Lounge (excludes Wednesday and Friday Dinner)

NAVC Institute exhibitor registration opens October 15. For more information, please contact our Expo Team at

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