Hound and NAVC Partner to Revolutionize Veterinary Workforce with Cutting-Edge Talent Solutions

Denver, CO (January 10, 2024)Hound, a leading veterinary talent software company, and the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), the world's premier provider of continuing education for veterinary professionals, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership in benefit of veterinary workforce. This collaboration signifies a major leap forward in transforming the veterinary landscape by offering innovative recruiting, relief, and retention solutions, empowering both veterinary workers and employers nationwide.

Leveraging Hound's advanced HR technology and NAVC's extensive global network, the partnership tackles the unique challenges faced by the veterinary community: finding ideal employment opportunities for professionals and attracting and retaining top talent for practices.

"Through this collaboration with NAVC, we're thrilled to bring a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to the candidate and employee experience," said Andrew Luna, CEO of Hound. "Our specialized suite of software addresses the specific needs of the veterinary industry, fostering the well-being of practices and the dedicated individuals who care for animals."

NAVC CEO Gene O'Neill echoed the sentiment, stating, "Hound's vision of 'A pet care collective of happy, hardworking humans' perfectly aligns with NAVC's vision of 'A world in which the veterinary healthcare team thrives.' We're excited to partner with Hound and offer these valuable tools to our community."

This partnership brings forth a range of innovative tools and platforms designed to streamline:

  • Job search and hiring: Matching veterinary professionals in the veterinary workforce with ideal opportunities.
  • Locum and per diem relief support: Connecting practices with qualified relief workers.
  • Employee retention initiatives: Boosting staff satisfaction and engagement.

These solutions are proven to positively impact the veterinary sector, enhancing career opportunities and satisfaction for workers while bolstering practice performance for employers.

With this powerful alliance, Hound and NAVC are committed to building a brighter future for the veterinary industry, where both animals and their caregivers thrive.

About the NAVC

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing veterinary professionals worldwide. The world’s leading provider of veterinary continuing education, NAVC delivers essential training, tools and resources for veterinary professionals to stay abreast of advances in animal medicine and provide the best medical care for animals everywhere. Through its commitment to innovation and excellence, the NAVC has developed a diverse portfolio of products and services, including educational events, headlined by VMX, the world’s largest, most comprehensive continuing education conference and launchpad for new products and innovations within the veterinary industry; a robust digital platform for virtual learning and engagement; the veterinary industry’s largest and award-winning portfolio of trade publications; and an advocacy arm which unites the veterinary community and pet lovers. The NAVC was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Since 2017, the NAVC has been recognized as one of the Top Workplaces by the Orlando Sentinel. To learn more about the NAVC’s products and brands, visit https://navc.com. To see our schedule of upcoming events, visit https://navc.com/calendar/.

About Hound

Hound is a leading veterinary work platform. We are building technology to modernize veterinary job search and hiring, relief shift coverage, employee engagement and retention, and access to care. Our software helps veterinary professionals work how they want, love their work, and care for more pets. Thousands of veterinary hospitals across the US partner with Hound to create excellent candidate and employee experiences. Learn more at www.hound.vet/NAVC