Clear Communication during the Covid-19 Pandemic is More Important Than Ever

Is your practice communicating enough about COVID-19 changes for pet owners visiting your clinics and for your staff?

With regulations changing so rapidly, it’s more important than ever to make sure you communicate your practice changes and updated safety measures.

Here are 5 reminders on how to effectively communicate to both your clients and staff during this time.

Reminder 1: Update Your Website
Make a simple COVID-19 status statement on your website’s home page and social media sites. Pet owners need to be able to find information about your practice if they are looking for it.

EXAMPLE: “We are still open and offering essential veterinary services, curbside! Click here [add link] to make an appointment and call us at [add phone number] when you arrive.”
Reminder 2: Update Google
If your hours of operation have changed, update your hours on your Google Business listing.

Reminder 3: Update Social Media Accounts
Use your social media channels to communicate to your clients and audience about any clinic changes. Also, make sure your information is accurate including hours of operation on your Facebook business page.
Reminder 4: Update Your Staff
Be a good leader by over communicating to your staff and helping them to adjust.

Reminder 5: Train Your Staff
Clients are going to have a lot of questions during this time. Train your staff to answer questions. Here are a few links to help.