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Nutrition is the Cornerstone of Pet Health

There are more pet food options on the market today than ever before. Pet owner’s opinions on what they should or shouldn’t feed their pets can vary wildly. In many instances, decision-making about the best pet food for their dog or cat is based on advertising claims or from product packaging — rather than the recommendation of a trained veterinary expert.

Meet the Experts Behind NAVC’s Pet Nutrition Coach Certification

The NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification program prepares veterinarians and animal hospital staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to communicate and provide expert guidance for clients about their pet’s nutritional needs. Pet nutrition and feeding management are vital aspects of preventive and therapeutic veterinary care, that’s why it’s important that your veterinary healthcare team is the definitive source for pet nutritional information and advice.

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  • Gain heightened understanding of pet nutrition, how it can help you maximize pet health, improve performance, increase longevity and manage disease more effectively.
  • Examine the unique nutritional requirements for a variety of different animals including cats and dogs.
  • Learn to incorporate and conduct a nutritional assessment as part of each routine examination.
  • Make customized and highly informed recommendations that directly address the needs of pets and client preferences.
  • Develop as a communicator to more effectively dispel myths and misinformation around pet food, feeding routines and pet nutrition.
  • Strengthen and develop lifelong relationships with clients as they come to understand that pet nutritional care preserves and lengthens their relationship with their pets and can save them money long-term.

Why Earn Your Pet Nutrition Coach Certification?

  • Create Added Value for Your Practice — The NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification is a credential that adds service and value to your veterinary practice, strengthening credibility and client satisfaction.
  • Improve the Lives of Pets — When looking at the three components that affect the life of an animal – genetics, environment and nutrition – nutrition is the factor that the veterinary healthcare team can impact the most.
  • Develop Stronger Client Relationships — Nutritional coaching proactively improves interactions between the veterinary team and clients. This improved communication creates more opportunities to deliver the best care possible to both pet and client.
  • Stay Current and Connected — Proper nutrition is integral to patient health, disease prevention, and health management. As clients become increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition for their health, they expect a higher standard of nutritional care for their pets.

Certification Details

The NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification program is an online, self-paced training with a final exam for certification. The program  is $199 per person and group discounts are available.

This professional certification program offers 8 hours of RACE-approved continuing education.

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