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NAVC Cares

As hosts of the largest gathering of global leaders in veterinary medicine, the NAVC is dedicated to improving event sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

With careful planning, conscious efforts and a great deal of time, our exhibitors, event partners and hosts are doing so much to support our sustainability mission. We've outlined some of their efforts below.

It is important to us that our events are environmentally sustainable and socially impactful and we can't do it without YOU.

VMX Sustainability Strip

 How Can YOU Support Sustainability at VMX?

You won’t need to go out of your way to be sustainable at VMX. Here are some easy ways you can make an individual impact on the event’s sustainability efforts.

  • Bring your refillable bottle to VMX. We'll have water fountains with built-in bottle-filling capabilities
  • Recycle! Recycling bins are clearly labeled and always near waste bins.
  • Take only what you need. You can help reduce carbon emissions associated with food production.
  • Be energy smart. Turn off lights when leaving your hotel room and participate in your hotel’s Linen ReUse Program to conserve water.

Thank you to our generous sponsor of our NAVC Cares Sustainability efforts:

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What is the NAVC doing to support sustainability?

  • Reusing show site materials for 3 or more years
  • Switched to recycled and recyclable materials for signage and builds at the VMX 2024 event that are not reusable
  • Replacing printed signage with digital signage where possible
  • VMX signage recycled to make pouches and tote bags to sell at SHOP NAVC and to donate to schools
  • VMX postcard mailers printed on recycled paper
  • Placing recycling bins around the Expo Hall
  • Launched a Sustainability HUB at VMX 2024 that included:
  • Waste Sorting Stations
  • Sustainability pledge opportunities for exhibitors and attendees
  • Live Sustainability Art Demonstration/Experience 

Expo Sustainability

Our trade show, exhibit and event partner, Freeman has a commitment to net zero carbon by 2050, and by 2023 to reduce GHG emissions by 50%. With both an ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 certification, Freeman can help exhibitors implement sustainable offerings while at VMX.

We invite our exhibitors to join our sustainability pledge to take simple actions that can have a big impact when we join together. These actions include: 

  • waste reduction
  • water and energy conservation
  • sustainable procurement 

Convention Sustainability

Our VMX host location, the Orange County Convention Center has demonstrated industry and community leadership by pioneering pathways for large venues to achieve continuously improving levels of sustainability stewardship.

  • Walkability & mobility allows attendees to avoid emissions from gas-powered vehicles

• Pedestrian bridges connected to surrounding hotels help attendees safely avoid ground vehicle traffic

• Visitors may access buses, trolleys and shuttles for travel around the VMX campus and to neighboring restaurants, shops and attractions

  • In partnership with Sodexo Live!, the OCCC's circular food program provides local and socially impactful produce and food options

• 81 indoor aeroponic grow towers produce over 50,000 lettuces and herbs annually

• The OCCC contributes regularly to local hunger-relief organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida and Orlando Union Rescue Mission

  • Renewable energy and building efficiency reduce the carbon impact of VMX

• Rooftop solar farm and five on-the-ground solar arrays offset an average of 100 kWh of energy use per month

• Natural lighting from floor-to-ceiling windows and LED lighting conserves energy around the convention center

• Escalators and moving walkways are powered off outside event hours and lighting is reduced during show move-in and move-out

  • Water use reduced

• 100% reclaimed water used to irrigate the 400-acre campus

  • Environmental waste footprint reduced
• 575 outdoor and indoor landfill & recycling receptacles, made with recycled plastic, allow easy recycling for visitors
  • Multiple water fountains with built-in bottle-filling capabilities allow attendees to eliminate single-use water vessel options.