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Mobility Assistance

NAVC has partnered with Scootaround. Through the on-site rental location, guests can rent mobility scooters, wheelchairs and oxygen equipment for events held at the convention center. Advanced reservations are strongly recommended for scooter or wheelchair rentals. If you did not make your mobility needs known to Scootaround prior to VMX, we cannot guarantee that they can accommodate you. Please note, onsite orders may not be accommodated. Please call 1.888.441.7575 for more information or click below to make your reservation.

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Shuttle Assistance

For shuttle assistance, please contact:

Kathy Turns
Director of Operations
Hello! Florida Destination Management
3840 Vineland Road, Suite 200 | Orlando, FL 32811
Tel: 407.674.3003 | Cell: 407.509.3271 | Fax: 407.425.6156.
[email protected]

Hearing Impaired

We will have Hearing Assist Devices available at the information booth in the South Concourse of the convention center. All you will need to do to obtain one is go to the Information Booth on the concourse level in the South Concourse and they will provide you with this. Upon obtaining the device, just arrive at your session a few minutes early and the moderator will be able to hook your device into the system so that you may enjoy the conference to the fullest. They will also be able to seat you in the front so that you will be able to have a better view.

Food Allergies

NAVC works closely with the facilities to create menus that can be enjoyed by all attendees. The menu selections provided will accommodate food allergies/restrictions including vegetarian, gluten allergies, and seafood allergies. All food will be labeled and knowledgeable catering staff will be on hand to answer questions. If you did not make your dietary needs known to NAVC, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you. Please note, onsite orders cannot be accommodated. For additional information on attendee meals and special meal requests at VMX, please email [email protected]. Please note, that some special requests may incur additional fees.

Nursing Mother Rooms

Nursing rooms are located at the OCCC (please check maps for locations). Visit the Information Desk for locations and key access information. Please be sure to sign in and out of the rooms so that others will know when the rooms are occupied.

Milk Storage & Shipping Services

Merck Animal Health would love to help remove hesitation amongst new moms to help them attend this conference by enabling conference attendees to easily ship (or keep cool while they carry) their breastmilk home to their babies with Milk Stork (trusted by 15k+ moms).

Learn How it Works

The cooler will arrive at the hotel as the mom checks in, and she will pump as usual, storing the milk in the fridge using the bags we provide until she’s ready to ship it back to her baby. Then she’ll pack the cooler, push the activation button, and ship it back (already pre-addressed/paid). She can also order a cooler to carry home with her and many moms use this on their final day of a trip. It comes with a standard cooler (60+ hrs. cooling time), tote bag, and instructions to help with going through TSA successfully.

Please place orders at least 2 business days before the event to ensure that your cooler(s) arrive on time!
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