Introducing the VMX Virtual Expo, Your Year-Round Marketplace

Do you wish you could have some extra time with exhibitors at VMX? Were you unable to visit the VMX physical show and still want to browse the VMX Expo Hall? Now with the all-new and innovative platform, VMX Virtual Expo, you can engage with VMX exhibitors 24/7, 365 days a year at no extra cost to you! Whether you want to revisit the exhibitors you saw onsite, spend more time with the ones you didn’t have time to interact with or experience it for the first time, VMX Virtual Expo is your year-round gateway to the VMX expo hall.


With the VMX Virtual Expo, you can access booth content virtually all year round. Once logged into the platform, you can:

  • Interact with immersive virtual booths
  • Access webinars and videos
  • Engage with exhibitors via built-in booth chats and forums
  • Request booth giveaways
  • Gain access to exclusive show specials
  • Discover new exhibits with products to help advance your practice
  • And so much more!

Register for free with your info and explore the VMX Virtual Expo today!

Have questions about the VMX Virtual Expo? Contact our team at [email protected] or Sean O’Neill directly at +1.352.244.3702. Protection Status