VMX In Orlando:

Things to Know Before You Go

6 hints to help you move around VMX with ease.

1. Comfort First, Style Second

Florida weather can be warm even in January, so make sure you bring some light clothes and comfortable shoes so that you can enjoy being outdoors in the Florida sun. Don’t forget to also pack a jacket or two, as the session rooms are air-conditioned and cooler than expected. Now that you've got comfort covered, be sure to pack your 80's gear for our throwback anniversary celebration Saturday night! Bring some running gear if you plan to join us for a cause for Monday morning's GLOW Fun(d) Run! Learn more at NAVC.com/entertainment.

2. Hydrate and Rejuvenate

Drink plenty of water and take full advantage of the free coffee and refreshment breaks.

3. Consult the Mobile App

The VMX Mobile App will be your best personal scheduler. All educational sessions, social events and lectures are available on the app so you can make the most out of your time.

4. Give Yourself a “Pass” to the Expo Hall

Peak Expo Hall hours (coffee breaks and lunchtime) can be busy. Give yourself a break! Visit during other free times in your schedule to get more quiet one-on-one time with our exhibitors. You can even visit the Expo Hall during CE sessions— this year, you can make up any lost learning time with OnDemand CE in VMX Virtual.

5. Make Reservations 

Whether you stay onsite or venture out to explore Orlando’s world-class restaurants, call ahead to reserve a table and find out about safety requirements before you arrive.

6. A Healthy Balance of FUN

We recommend balancing your personalized CE schedule with some fun social events, including live and virtual VMX experiences and off-site Orlando adventures. Explore VisitOrlando.com to get more information on things to do in the area. Also, stay tuned for more details on the VMX Fun(d) Run, happening both live at the in-person event and virtually!