Dieter M. Haager, MBA

Dieter is an accomplished management professional who is responsible for the strategic application of resources to assure the sustainability of the organization.

Before joining the NAVC in 2014, Dieter was the Chief Financial Officer of the University of Florida Veterinary Hospitals in Gainesville, Florida. His primary responsibilities included interpreting financial data to make business decisions and drive bottom-line results. faculty members, deans, vice presidents, the campus and the veterinary community. He was also active in the campus GBAS program with Finance and Accounting and worked with other industry CFOs to resolve administrative, regulatory, and legal issues. His previous role with the same organization was Small Animal Hospital Operations Manager, managing all aspects of the hospital operations including patient care, 30 direct reports, and customer and vendor relations. He worked directly with clients, clinicians, referring veterinarians and vendors to improve overall service levels and decrease average appointment duration.

His background also includes District Coordinator for H&R Block, management positions with TGI Fridays and audit Associate for Arthur Anderson, LLP. He earned his Masters of Business Administration, Business Management; Cum Laude, from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida (2008), his Bachelor of Arts, Economics from Illinois Wesleyan University, and has completed a number of management and leadership programs from the University of Florida as well as Patterson Veterinary Practice Management Certification.

Dieter is a member of, and has attended conference presented by, the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues, North American Veterinary College Administrators Association, National Conference on College Cost Accounting, Veterinary Management Group, Peer Best Practices, Banfield Industry Summit, University HealthSystem Consortium and the UF PETS Advisory Board. His professional roles have included CVM Hospital Financial Committee, Chair; CVM Purchasing Committee, Co-Chair; CVM Marketing Committee member; CVM Management Council member and Guest Lecturer, CVM courses in Entrepreneurship and Financial Statement Analysis. In addition, he has earned the following awards: UF Gator Business Administrators Services Credentialing Award, UF Gator Business Administrators Services Mentoring Recognition, UF Superior Accomplishment Award, H&R Block, District of the Year, the Bernard J. McCarney Award in Economic Research and several awards with TGI Fridays.

He has also been a personal chef, education assistant and lawn care professional. He is married and lives in Gainesville, and he enjoys traveling, football, baseball, animals and history, particularly military.