Vet Tech Voices

NAVC Spark! celebrates veterinary technicians by highlighting their stories and having conversations that matter to them. Click through this gallery of videos and pictures that paint a picture of this smart, dedicated, and compassionate segment of our veterinary community.

For the Love of Animals: Vet Tech Origin Stories

Find out how these technicians pawsitively fell in love with the Vet Tech Life.


Becoming a Vet Tech: Mackenzee's Story


Becoming a Vet Tech: Angello's Story


Becoming a Vet Tech: Jamie's Story


Becoming a Vet Tech: Katie's Story


Becoming a Vet Tech: Erin's Story


Becoming a Vet Tech: Hannah's Story

Human Nurse or Veterinary Nurse? How about both!

Cristall Short had a long career as a critical care nurse before she decided to add Registered Veterinary Technician to her resume. Here, she discusses her trajectory and how the two roles compare.

#thatvettechlife — It's No Cakewalk!

The Challenges and Stressors of Being a Vet Tech

Veterinary technicians juggle everything from financial to emotional stressors and more.

Emotional Toll

Mackenzee's Vet Tech Stress

Scope of Practice

Benita's Vet Tech Stress

Draining Work

Hannah's Vet Tech Stress


Angello's Vet Tech Stress

Sticker Shock

Jamie's Biggest Challenge


Katie's Biggest Challenge

Owner Education

Hannah's Biggest Challenge


Erin's Biggest Challenge


Angello's Biggest Challenge

How a VTS Changed This Tech's Life

Benita Altier hit financial rock bottom as a veterinary technician and single mother of two. But with some luck and a lot of hard work, she earned her dentistry specialty and her life took on a whole different trajectory.

#thatvettechlife – You Wouldn't Trade It for the World!

You Take the Good With the Bad

And there’s a whole lot of good! Hear more from these technicians.


Erin's Favorite Part of the Tech Life


Katie's Favorite Part of the Tech Life


Mackenzee's Favorite Part of the Tech Life


Hannah's Favorite Part of the Tech Life

Tech Tales – Tales From the Clinic

Like Tales From the Crypt, but way cuter.

Balloon Cat

Tech Tales: Balloon Cat

Team Trust

Tech Tales: Team Trust

Client Love

Tech Tales: Client Love

Cartoon Eyes

Tech Tales: Cartoon Eyes

Pemphigus Case

Tech Tales: Pemphigus Case

For the Vet Tech Field, The Future Looks Bright!

What kind of future do you see for yourself or for the field?


Mackenzee's Future in the Veterinary Field


Angello's Future in the Veterinary Field


Paige's Future in the Veterinary Field


Jamie's Future in the Veterinary Field

Banfield: Elevating Veterinary Technicians

The conversation around how to better utilize support staff in the clinic has been growing steadily. Now Banfield Pet Hospital has gone a step further with a pilot program that tests what better utilization of technicians looks like in practice.