Practice Management HiVE is Coming to Anaheim in 2024!

Hive Practice Management Anaheim 2024

Registration is NOW Open!

Anaheim | November 23 - 24, 2024

Marriott Convention Center

Have You Heard The Buzz?

The Practice Management HiVE is Un-bee-lievable!

  • The Practice Management HiVE is a unique experience for veterinary practice and hospital managers and support staff looking to feel revitalized in their role while developing professionally AND personally. Filled with fresh perspectives, engaging networking opportunities and industry-leading learning initiatives led by your peers, you won't want to miss it!

A Content Program Built for YOU!

  • Specifically crafted with opportunities for practice managers to become the best versions of themselves, in and out of the practice, the Practice Manager HiVE content program is created for practice managers and led by practice managers. 


Why Practice Management HiVE?

Our attendees get immersed in experiences relevant to their roles on the veterinary team, make meaningful connections and take advantage of career-advancing content & CE - all while having fun along the way!

✔️ A rally of and for the people that you never knew you needed...

✔️ Fuel your passion & feel the camaraderie in your community...

✔️ Learn the countless ways that your career path can be navigated...

✔️ Be the voice for the profession as you uplift and empower each other...

Veterinary assistants, practice managers, students and even veterinarians join together to elevate and celebrate veterinary nurses + technicians in an engaging and informative way.

  • Practice Management HiVE will be at the 
  • Marriott Convention Center in Anaheim November 23-24!

Thank You To Everyone Who Attended Our June Practice Management Event In Minneapolis!

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