Veterinary Innovation Summit

April 5-7, 2019 | College Station, TX

Be a part of the ground-breaking veterinary education event that will catapult the profession towards the next paradigm shift in veterinary medicine.

New forms of telemedicine, investments, business models, and at-home diagnostics are all innovations with a major impact on the way medicine is practiced.

The Veterinary Innovation Summit creates a space where the most progressive and innovative thinkers can gather, network and strategize ways to evolve with the ever-changing pace of the profession.

The whole summit had great energy and everyone seemed excited and motivated for the future of our industry!

– VIS Attendee

In 2019, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with the next generation of veterinary entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneur Exhibit & Pitch Competition.
  • Upgrade your practice with a deeper understanding of marketing, business culture,
    innovative programming and new technologies for your workflow.
  • Get mind-blowing insight from the most provocative thought leaders on the
    periphery of the profession as well as veterinary experts with first-hand experience.
  • Hear Jon Iwata, a former senior vice president at IBM, discuss Artificial Intelligence.
  • Explore the latest on Veterinary Telemedicine Legislation & Implementation.

The program begins at 8 am on Friday, April 5 and ends at 1 pm on Saturday, April 7.

The Veterinary Innovation Summit was very inspiring and motivating to see such enthusiasm amongst a network of innovators.

– VIS Attendee

What are you waiting for? Registration is open now!

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