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Have You Heard The Buzz?

 HiVE Has Arrived!

Join the swarm! Events like you’ve never experienced before. HiVE has arrived with cutting-edge content and conversations straight to the veterinary community.

Picture everything you’re used to when attending veterinary events…now throw it out the window!


Learn Better. Be Better.

Like a beehive, each HiVE will be unique in location, focus and built with purpose to suit the needs of the community.

As industry needs and trends rapidly evolve, HiVE events will be hand in hand with the community in real time. If you’re asking “what is a HiVE?”… it’s simple! Together you and your teammates and leaders will…

  • ... Build and foster a community of networks and collective support
  • ... Work hand-in-hand to advance the industry
  • ... Learn better
  • ... Tackle challenges and defeat stigmas
  • ... Celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, booming at each HiVE experience
  • ... Be rejuvenated and refreshed - escape the “Groundhog Day” of every other event and daily practice life

Is that you? If so, find your HiVE! 

Be fully immersed in specialized (and fun!) experiences as HiVE is your hub for the latest in treatment, industry trends and business insights you need now.

NAVC HiVE is not affiliated with VetHive. If you’re looking for VetHive's online veterinary support community, visit their website!


Sponsor or Exhibit at a HiVE Event!

NAVC’s new event series is bringing innovative event experiences to the entire veterinary community! As the leading provider of information, learning and education in the US, NAVC is now bringing ways for you to showcase your leading products and services to the veterinary community in ways like never before.

HiVE events will give you the opportunity to showcase your company in new and fresh ways and be part of the conversation to drive the evolution and development of the worldwide veterinary industry.