• NAVC OnCampus: A special association of veterinary students, happy to help you

    Here just for you: someone who’s ready to connect with you and show you all that NAVC offers.

    Veterinary students networking at the NAVC Conference.

    Veterinary students bring their OnCampus networking to the NAVC Conference.

    The NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) has a student representative at 30 U.S. veterinary schools, 5 Canadian veterinary schools, and 3 Caribbean veterinary schools.

    You’re invited to contact your NAVC OnCampus Representative for more details about how the NAVC can help you as a veterinary student.

    Your rep will provide details on our special veterinary school student admission to the NAVC Conference, Case Challenges and much more. Here’s what one fellow student had to say about her wonderful experience at the NAVC Conference.

    DIVE IN AND REGISTER NOW for the NAVC Conference 2016 for just $90.


    Meet your NAVC OnCampus representative.

    The list below includes email address for each school’s NAVC OnCampus representative — a fellow veterinary student who knows the ropes.

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