• Veterinary school is just the beginning…

    Find a lifetime of learning support at the NAVC.

    Image Veterinary students at the NAVC Conference

    Veterinary school students find all kinds of support for success at the NAVC Conference.

    As your most trusted source for personalized professional development, the NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) offers the best educational programs in the veterinary profession. And you can participate in these programs even as a student.

    In fact, engaging with the NAVC while you’re still at school allows you to explore your passion, expand your veterinary knowledge and start building your professional network — important steps for establishing a long and fruitful career in animal care.

    Explore our programs designed for veterinary school students.

    The NAVC Conference for Students

    While still in school, veterinary and veterinary technician students can experience the NAVC Conference for a reduced registration fee. Held each year in Orlando, FL, the NAVC Conference is the largest veterinary conference in North America. Over 900 veterinary and veterinary technician students from the US, Canada and Latin America attend every year, joining almost 16,000 veterinary professionals who flock to the event for more than 1,200 hours of continuing education credits. A nominal student registration fee allows access to all general sessions, both Exhibit Halls and all evening entertainment events. Learn more about the NAVC Conference… or read a veterinary student’s account of her experience at the NAVC Conference. Here’s another student perspective.

    FREE online learning with VetFolio

    Enjoy ongoing career support with our FREE learning and planning tools. As a veterinary technology student, you’re eligible for free access to VetFolio.com (a $300 value), the first comprehensive resource library and community for all veterinary professionals.

    Get help with a specific question or class project.

    Search VetFolio.com to find a variety of helpful resources. For instance, if you’re looking for the latest insights on pyoderma, check out our articles, courses, proceedings and free webinars. Access your free subscription today!

    NAVC OnCampus — Get involved!

    The NAVC has a student representative at each of the 28 U.S. veterinary schools, the 5 Canadian veterinary schools, and the 3 Caribbean veterinary schools. Veterinary Students – we invite you to reach out to your school’s OnCampus representative for more details about how the NAVC can help you as a veterinary student. See how NAVC OnCampus works.

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    Please call the NAVC Offices at +1.352.375.5672 if you have a New Graduate Certificate to redeem.

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