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    Exhibit at VMX (formerly the NAVC Conference)

    February 3-7, 2018 (Exhibits 4-7)
    Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)
    Orlando, Florida

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    “As a new exhibitor at the NAVC Conference 2017, our team was very impressed with the volume of booth traffic we experienced. The event was extremely organized and we gained insightful feedback from the exhibit audience. This show is a must for us for many years to come!”

    Anthon de Kock
    Marketing & Technical Aquatread


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    “The 2017 NAVC was a very successful show for UltiMed.  The attendees were very engaged in learning more about the UltiMed product portfolio and offered some great insights to how our products are currently being used to effectively manage diabetes in their practices.  The Passport program also proved to be effective in attracting show attendees to the UltiMed booth.  Overall, the NAVC remains a very good platform for the promotion and launch of UltiMed products and services.”

    Anthony Cavoulas
    Director, Business Development, Veterinary Diabetes

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    Want to Customize Your Booth?

    You can order furniture, chairs, electricity, internet, food for booth or flowers with our exhibitor booth service kit. We have it in both online and printed for your convenience.

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    Our badges are once again coded for you so you can conveniently recognize the people you interact with. The codes are as follows:

    E – Exhibitors
    V – Veterinarian
    P – Practice Managers
    T – Technicians
    G – Guests

    Our students, press and other important attendees will not have a code.

    Email Solicitation Alert

    Unfortunately, certain companies are “phishing” for NAVC Exhibitors and Advertisers, and emailing them with offers regarding lists of veterinary professionals (including email lists). These companies are NOT affiliated with the NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) and we can not verify their legitimacy.

    As you may know, we do offer all our NAVC Conference Exhibitors a one-time opportunity to purchase our proprietary pre-registered NAVC Conference attendee postal list for purposes of helping drive traffic to booths and events. If you’re interested in purchasing this postal address list from us, please refer to our NAVC Advertising & Sponsorship Guide for details and instructions. Thank you. The NAVC Team

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    Exhibit Hall Map

    Exhibit Hall Map

    Check out the exhibit hall map for VMX!

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