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    Exhibit at VMX

    The NAVC is proud to introduce the first ever VMX, formerly known as the NAVC Conference.

    February 3-7, 2018 (Exhibits 4-7)
    Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) | South Concourse
    Orlando, Florida

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    Become an Exhibitor

    Exhibitor Information

    Why Exhibit at VMX?

    No other veterinary industry event offers this reach in one place.

    As the first and largest veterinary conference of the calendar year, VMX, formerly the NAVC Conference, attracts over 17,000 attendees with more than 10,000 veterinary professionals. That’s over 10,000 opportunities for qualified prospects to walk by your booth, see your ads, use your RealDeals coupon, attend your sponsored session(s), visit your website and buy your solutions. To find out how to gain the highest level of exposure for your company, contact your Strategic Account Manager at Solutions@NAVC.com.

    This premier, five-day event is the largest veterinary conference in the US and one of the largest meetings of exotics and companion animal practitioners in the world, serving over 17,000 attendees.

    80% of attendees would recommend the exhibit hall to a colleague(1)

    69% of visitors to the exhibit hall are primarily in small animal practice.(1)

    1 in 3 exhibit hall visitors are attending the conference for the first time.(1) The average number of scans per booth at the NAVC Conference was 358, while some booths acquired as many as 3,659 leads due to their involvement in our many advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

    VMX is where the leaders of the profession first come together to learn, collaborate and connect with businesses like yours.


    • FREE lead retrieval - FREE VMX registration (4 badges for first 10’x10’ and 3 badges for each additional 10’x10’) which includes access to all Educational/CE Sessions
    • FREE continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack
    • FREE access to evening entertainment
    • FREE listing on NAVC.com, in the VMX Mobile App and in the Official Program Guide

    We offer several opportunities before, during and after VMX for your company and/or brand to receive exposure on NAVC.com, in NAVC newsletters, in Today’s Veterinary Practice, Today’s Veterinary Technician, Today’s Veterinary Business, Veterinary Advantage and on VetFolio.com.

    The Exhibit Hall at the NAVC Conference 2017 included 721 booths and over 4800 exhibitors.

    1. NAVC Conference 2017 On-site Survey, 2. Veterinary professionals excludes guests, press and exhibitors

    Booth Packages

    Your Booth Space Purchase Includes the Following:

    • Copies of the VMX Official Program Guide are handed out as exhibitors pick up their badges and a supply is placed at the booth prior to opening. Each noncommercial and regular booth receives two copies and island booths receive five.
    • Listing in the on-site VMX Official Program Guide, on NAVC.com and in the VMX Mobile App
    • Admission to the Scientific Sessions (excluding Hands-on Labs and other additional-fee sessions). This applies to holders of allotted badges as well as those purchased at full price (not for guest badges). Guests cannot acquire CE credits, attend sessions or work booth.
    • 24-hour Exhibit Hall perimeter security during exhibit days.
    • One 44" x 7" identification sign with company name and booth number.
    • Opportunities for increased visibility through sponsorship, advertisements and marketing.
      Admission to evening social events.
    • Access to Exhibitor Lounge (includes continental breakfast (8:00 - 9:00 AM) and afternoon refreshments (2:30 - 3:30 PM).
    • Commercial booths are provided four allotted badges for first 100 sq. ft. and three additional badges for each additional 100 sq. ft. Noncommercial booths are provide two allotted badges per tabletop.
    • Lunch is included on non-discounted exhibitor badges for each exhibit day (Sunday through Wednesday).
    • Commercial booths are provided a free lead retrieval. Noncommercial booths may purchase a lead retrieval at a discounted price.
    • Commercial and noncommercial booths are provided an 8' high back drape and 3' high side drapes.
    • Noncommercial booths are provided one skirted table (2'x6') with name banner, two chairs, carpet and waste basket but no electrical.

    Allotted badges have full CE credit available. Preregistration and prepayment are required for a Hands-on Laboratory or any session with additional fees.

    Booth Pricing


    Standard: Includes in-line booth space $38.75
    Premium 1: Includes In-line Booth Space (1 corners) $43.00
    Premium 2: Includes In-line Booth Space (2 corners) $46.25
    Premium 3: Includes In-line Booth Space (Island) $53.00


    Not-for-profit Organization [501(c)(3) documentation required] $5.41/square foot ($541.00 for a 10x10)

    Booth Specifications

    Height Restrictions

    • In-line or corner booths with a finished back piece cannot be higher than 10 feet. Company signage or advertisements for these booths cannot exceed 10 feet in height.
    • Island booths cannot exceed 20 feet. If booth elements exceed 20 feet in height, please contact the NAVC office for special authorization.
    • Special booths: If you plan a multi-level booth or have enclosed spaces in your booth, contact the NAVC for special information.


    All rigging services must be handled by the Orange County Convention Center. A rigging form will be provided in your Freeman Service Kit.


    To maintain unobstructed sightlines, all items 4 feet or higher must be placed 5 feet from the front of the display or aisle space. Tall pieces of equipment, trucks, truck inserts or similar large items should be set back 5 feet or more from the aisles.

    Live Animals

    Approval for the presence of live animals in an exhibit booth must be requested and reviewed ahead of time by the NAVC. Click here to complete a live animal application.

    Sale of Merchandise

    Exhibitors who are selling and delivering tangible items on-site and are not registered with the State of Florida should do so by going to myflorida.com. Tax forms must be completed for all transactions.

    No Suitcasing

    Please note that any exhibitor who is observed soliciting business outside of their company booth, including scientific program sessions, convention hallways, or other public spaces are in violation of NAVC’s policies and will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Additional penalties may be applied. Please report any violations you may observe to Exhibits@NAVC.com.

    Housing Scam Alert

    Please be aware that VMX Exhibitors and Attendees may be contacted through email or other means by companies soliciting VMX hotel bookings. Although they may imply otherwise, THESE COMPANIES ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH NAVC, EXHIBITOR SERVICES OR VMX AND THEY MAY NOT REPRESENT AN OFFICIAL VMX HOTEL. ConferenceDirect is our official hotel booking company. NAVC has not contracted with any company other than ConferenceDirect and we cannot guarantee that any other booking company that may contact you is legitimate. Other companies may promise you a reservation that does not exist and upon arrival at your hotel you may be told that you do not have a room. Please make your hotel reservations by contacting the NAVC Housing Call Center, ConferenceDirect at +1.855.478.4692 or NAVC@ConferenceDirect.com. NAVC cannot be responsible for any bookings made through any of these other companies.

    Please be cautious about giving any company other than NAVC or ConferenceDirect your credit card information as doing so could result in your credit card number being compromised. If you have already given your credit card information to one of these companies please contact Suzanne Savage at +1.352.375.5672 immediately for assistance.


    It is the responsibility of all exhibiting companies to carry general liability insurance in the amount of $1 Million. A Certificate of Insurance naming the NAVC as an additional insurer must be provided to the NAVC no less than 30 days prior to the Exhibit Hall move-in date. A sample form can be found in the VMX 2018 Freeman Booth Service Kit.

    Exhibitors may choose to hire a third-party contractor for the sole purpose of assembling or dismantling their booth. However, the NAVC must be notified of this contractor’s identity and receive proof of liability insurance no less than 30 days prior to the Exhibit Hall move-in date. Third-party contractors will be issued identification wrist bands to allow access to the Exhibit Hall during designated set up times. Company shirts are recommended for easy processing. For safety reasons, children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the Exhibit Hall during setup or teardown times.

    The exhibitor is responsible for any and all damages caused by the exhibitor or exhibitor’s agents, employee(s) and/or guests. The exhibitor agrees to identify, defend and hold harmless the NAVC, Freeman, Orange County Convention Center, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, its agents, or its employees from and against any liability, loss or damage of any kind that the exhibitor may directly or indirectly cause.

    The NAVC reserves the right to restrict access to any exhibitor not in compliance with the general liability insurance requirements.

    Already Have Insurance? Complete our insurance certificate form.

    Need insurance? Purchase for just $89. Click here for details and the purchase order form.

    Exhibit Hall Map

    Check out the Exhibit Hall Map

    View Exhibit Hall Map

    Important Dates & Times
    • Exhibitor Move-in
      • Friday, February 2, 2018 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
      • Saturday, February 3, 2018: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Exhibitor Hours
      • Sunday, February 4, 2018 - 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
      • Monday, February 5, 2018 - 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
      • Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
      • Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Exhibitor Move-out
      • Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
      • Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Large exhibit booths move-in will be scheduled on Thursday, February 1, 2018. If you have any questions about exhibits, please contact Exhibits@NAVC.com.

    Click here to view all important dates.

    Rules & Regulations

    New Exhibitors and Returning Exhibitors (Did not exhibit in 2017)

    Join the VMX family of Exhibitors. Over 9,800 veterinary professionals (more than 17,300 overall) attend this 5-day conference and 4-day exhibit every year. 

    Acceptance of exhibitors at VMX is based on the exhibitor’s products and services, which must directly relate to the practice of veterinary medicine and/or enhancement of the Exhibit Hall. Once an application is received and accepted, a contract and payment authorization form will be forwarded to the applicant. New exhibitors have 30 days to pay in full.

    Cancellation Policy

    All cancellations must be requested, in writing, to: Susan Harris, VMX, 5003 SW 41st Blvd.; Gainesville, FL 32608-4930. Or via email to NAVC.com/ContactUs.

    Cancellation requests MUST be submitted in writing and received no later than November 1, 2016. The exhibitor will be issued a refund less 50% of the booth price.

    Any submission received after November 1, 2017, will not be eligible for refund.

    Contracts & Payments

    1. Booths are picked using a Ranking system for all NAVC 2017 exhibitors;
    2. Contracts are sent following the booth pick;
    3. If pay 100% by May 31 you receive 2 points;
    4. If pay 50% by May 31 you receive 1 point;
    5. 50% of payment due July 1, 2017;
    6. Remaining due October 1, 2017 unless special arrangements made. New exhibitors pay within 30 days unless special arrangements are made.

    If the Exhibitor fails to meet this payment schedule or has any other past due account with the NAVC, then NAVC may terminate the Contract for Exhibit Space, at its option and without penalty.

    Payment must be made by certified check, money order or credit card in US funds. Checks should be made payable to the Veterinary Meeting and Expo. The Exhibitor will not be allowed to occupy assigned space until all monies due to the NAVC are paid in full.

    Exhibit Hall Floor Plans

    To assist in booth selection, please view our interactive Exhibit Hall Floor Map

    Exhibitors are responsible for reviewing their location before arriving on-site to ensure that the space is sufficient and to confirm they are separated from direct competitors if required.

    Should issues arise, please contact Exhibits@NAVC.com.

    Exhibit Hall Rules

    The NAVC reserves the right to close any exhibit that conducts business or solicits in a manner counter to these rules or that infringes on the rights or privileges of other exhibitors or attendees.

    Anyone observed soliciting business in the aisles or other public areas or in another company’s booth will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties apply. Please report any violation to Exhibits@NAVC.com.

    Exhibit Hall Access

    Access to the Exhibit Hall will be granted outside of posted hours are 1.5 hours before opening and one hour after closing. Should access be needed for a non-exhibitor, please contact Exhibits@NAVC.com with the times needed, names and reason for access for approval.

    Neill P. Overman Award Form

    Neill P. Overman is the founder of Veterinary Learning Systems and one of the founders of the Eastern States Veterinary Association, Inc., dba NAVC. He served on the NAVC Board of Directors from 1983 until his retirement in 2005 and recently passed away on April 4, 2015. In his honor, VMX exhibitors may nominate someone from their company or other exhibitors who exemplify fairness, ethical behavior, salesmanship, knowledge of the profession and further the profession by promoting continuing professional development for all members of the veterinary healthcare community.

    The award, includes $1,000 cash, a plaque for the winner and a plaque for the company, will be presented to the winner (Date and Location TBD) at a convenient time for both company and NAVC. The NAVC will have a photographer at the award ceremony to capture the excitement of the ceremony and to publicize it in NAVC publications.

    The award includes the following for the winner and his/her company:

    • Recognized on-site in the exhibit hall, in INSIDE NAVC, the on-site newspaper, during the Speaker/Exhibitor Reception and in the NAVC Exhibitor Guide
    • Recognized in an NAVC press release
    • Recognized on NAVC.com
    • Recognized in the NAVC Connect2Care: Industry Partner eNewsletter
    • Featured article including relationship with NAVC
    • Professional tips from award winner
    • Given the opportunity to assist with development of a webinar for all exhibitors with “tricks of the trade” to improve their businesses.

    Submit your nomination with detail as to why this person meets the criteria mentioned above, accompanied by two letters of support. 

    Click here to submit a nomination.

    “The 2017 NAVC was a very successful show for UltiMed.  The attendees were very engaged in learning more about the UltiMed product portfolio and offered some great insights to how our products are currently being used to effectively manage diabetes in their practices.  The Passport program also proved to be effective in attracting show attendees to the UltiMed booth.  Overall, the NAVC remains a very good platform for the promotion and launch of UltiMed products and services.”

    Anthony Cavoulas
    Director, Business Development, Veterinary Diabetes


    “As a new exhibitor at the NAVC Conference 2017, our team was very impressed with the volume of booth traffic we experienced. The event was extremely organized and we gained insightful feedback from the exhibit audience. This show is a must for us for many years to come!”

    Anthon de Kock
    Marketing & Technical Aquatread

    Already an Exhibitor?

    Here are helpful resources and information.

    Exhibitor Service Center

    Partner Points System

    Exhibitor Parking

    Exhibit Hall Map

    Want to Customize Your Booth?

    You can order furniture, chairs, electricity, internet, food for booth or flowers with our exhibitor booth service kit. We have it in both online and printed for your convenience.

    Exhibitor Booth Service Kit – ONLINE

    Internet Order Form

    Electrical Order Form

    Booth Catering Order Form

    View the 2017 Exhibitors


    Live Animals in the Exhibit Hall Application

    Purchase an eBooth Spotlight

    Neill Overman Award Nominations

    Complete Insurance Certificate

    Purchase Insurance for $89

    Exhibitor Appointed Contractor


    Our badges are once again coded for you so you can conveniently recognize the people you interact with. The codes are as follows:

    E – Exhibitors
    V – Veterinarian
    P – Practice Managers
    T – Technicians
    G – Guests

    Our students, press and other important attendees will not have a code.

    Email Solicitation Alert

    Unfortunately, certain companies are “phishing” for NAVC Exhibitors and Advertisers, and emailing them with offers regarding lists of veterinary professionals (including email lists). These companies are NOT affiliated with the NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) and we can not verify their legitimacy.

    As you may know, we do offer all our NAVC Conference Exhibitors a one-time opportunity to purchase our proprietary pre-registered NAVC Conference attendee postal list for purposes of helping drive traffic to booths and events. If you’re interested in purchasing this postal address list from us, please refer to our NAVC Advertising & Sponsorship Guide for details and instructions. Thank you. The NAVC Team

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    Exhibit Hall Map

    Exhibit Hall Map

    Review the VMX exhibit hall map for booth space availability, or to review your selected booth space at the Orange County Convention Center.

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