• Colin F. Burrows International Scholar Program

    Providing world-class veterinary CE to overseas practitioners

    As a nonprofit association, it was the North American Veterinary Community’s (NAVC’s) mission “to provide world-class veterinary continuing professional development for the global veterinary healthcare community” that propelled the organization to develop a program that would bring national leaders and organizers of veterinary meetings to the NAVC Conference.

    Since 1995, the NAVC International Scholarship program has brought more than 30 veterinarians to the conference from Cuba, Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, China and other far-reaching regions of the world.

    In 2014, the NAVC partnered with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) in the candidate selection process and in 2015, the program was renamed the “NAVC Colin F. Burrows International Scholar Program,” in honor of the global work former NAVC Executive Director Colin F. Burrows, BVetMed, PhD, Hon FRCVS, DACVIM accomplished to advance veterinary medicine and education.

    The NAVC supports at least three candidates per year, pne from each of the three WSAVA Regions (Europe, Africa and the Middle East; Asia and Oceania; and the Americas). An additional candidate is also selected from Africa as nominated by the Board of the WSAVA Foundation and the African Small Companion Animal Network (AFSCAN).

    The WSAVA solicits candidates through its 92 Assembly member association representatives with preference being given to applicants from the WSAVA’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 associations. Nominations beyond this processes are acceptable if the candidate meets the scholarship criteria.

    WSAVA Assembly members are invited to nominate one (1) candidate from their country’s association. Preference will be given to applicants who are active members of their association, and have the potential to develop and support continuing veterinary education in their region.

    Once selected, these veterinarians are provided with: travel expenses, six (6) days per diem, one (1) complimentary Hands-on Laboratory of their choice (based on availability) and six (6) nights hotel accommodation in Orlando, Florida, USA. Each scholar will be hosted on-site by a current NAVC Board Member or NAVC Past President.


    An application package should consist of:

    1. A Curriculum Vitae (résumé)
    2. A statement from the candidate as to how the NAVC Conference experience will allow him or her to develop educational programs and enhance the standards of veterinary care in their region
    3. Two (2) letters of recommendation from senior members of the association or profession who know the candidate well and can address their potential to fulfill the award criteria

    Important: Applications and all supporting documents including letters of recommendation must be in English. Candidates should be able to converse in English .

    Nomination packets may be mailed to the NAVC Headquarters:

    NAVC Colin F. Burrows International Scholar Program
    ATTN: Suzanne Savage
    5003 SW 41st Blvd
    Gainesville, FL 32608

    To submit electronically, please email to Suzanne Savage at SSavage@NAVC.com.

    All applications must be received by April 1 of the year preceding the upcoming NAVC Conference. These packets will then be sent to a selection committee composed of two NAVC representatives and two WSAVA representatives. Final nominations will be approved by the NAVC International Committee.


    Candidates will be assessed against the following standards/criteria:

    1. Prior experience with veterinary continuing education programs in the nominee’s home country or region
    2. Potential to use the NAVC Conference experience to foster improved veterinary continuing education in the nominee’s home country and/or region
    3. Demonstrated leadership qualities

    Each candidate will be contacted by an NAVC representative, by June 1 of the year preceding the upcoming NAVC Conference, to explain the details of the award, to arrange details of travel, any necessary visa applications, etc. if they have been awarded a scholarship. NAVC will also contact each candidate who was not selected and encourage them to try again the following year. The WSAVA Secretariat is copied on these communications.

    At the NAVC Conference the Scholars will attend an initial orientation and will be invited to develop an individual personalized curriculum. This includes attendance at lectures of their choice, insights into the registration process, a tour of the exhibit hall and a demonstration of exhibitor registration, a tour of the Hands-on Laboratories and attendance at all formal NAVC Conference functions. An exit interview will be conducted with the Scholars on the afternoon of the last day by members of the NAVC International committee and a representative of the WSAVA.

    Congratulations to the selected NAVC International Scholars.

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