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    Who can attend the NAVC Conference?

    We welcome the entire Veterinary Healthcare Team including Veterinarians, Technicians, Practice Managers, Support Staff (Receptionists, Office assistants, etc), Veterinary and Technician Students, members of the Veterinary Industry and more.

    How long is the NAVC Conference?

    There are five days of CE programming (Saturday – Wednesday). The Exhibit Halls are open for four days (Sunday – Wednesday).

    What topics does the NAVC Conference cover?

    The NAVC Conference offers lectures, Hands-on Labs, Masterclasses and Meet the Professor Luncheons in many different topics including:

    What is included in an NAVC Conference Registration?

    NAVC Conference registration includes Scientific Sessions, Exhibit Hall access, daily lunch service, shuttle bus service and evening entertainment.Hands-on Labs, Masterclasses, Meet the Professor Luncheons and Behind the Scenes Tours require an additional fee.

    What is the cost to attend the NAVC Conference?

    The price varies depending on when you register and what category you fit into (Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Support Staff, Student, etc.). Our Early Registration price ends on October 14 at midnight, and there is another price increase on December 15. Full NAVC Conference registration costs will be posted here, once they are announced.

    How many hours of Continuing Education can I earn at the NAVC Conference?

    With more than 1,200 CE credit hours to chose from, an attendee can attain as many as 41.5 hours of CE by taking advantage of the full slate of scheduled sessions in the course of the five-day NAVC Conference.

    Does the NAVC Conference feature an Exhibit Hall?

    We have two Exhibit Halls, one at the Gaylord Palms and one at the Orlando World Center Marriott. We welcome over 650 different companies selling everything from the latest surgical equipment to custom website packages to animal themed jewelry. Learn more on our Exhibit Hall page.

    What entertainment is available in the evenings during the NAVC Conference?

    We offer fun events every evening for all attendees. Check out our Events & Entertainment page for all of the details on the upcoming Conference.

    Can my family and friends attend Conference with me? What are they allowed to do?

    Yes! You may purchase a Guest Badge for adult family members or friends for $75 (children under 18 do not need a Guest Badge). A Guest Badge allows access to the Exhibit Halls, evening entertainment and shuttle buses. It does not allow access to scientific sessions. We also offer a fun child care option as well as a number of Family Tours, plus discounted tickets to Disney and Universal Theme parks and other Orlando area attractions. Check out our Events & Entertainment as well as our Tours page for all of the details. See all our Family services and information.

    How many people attended the NAVC Conference 2016?

    NAVC Conference 2015 Attendance: 17,328 TOTAL

    How many international attendees come to the conference?

    The NAVC Conference 2016 hailed attendees from more than 80 different countries.

    What states do US attendees come from?

    The NAVC Conference 2015 included attendees from these states.

    Where do I stay while in Orlando for the NAVC Conference?

    We negotiate rates with several area hotels in addition to the three host hotels. Specific rates and locations can be found here.

    How do I install the NAVC Conference Digital Proceedings eBooks?


    The proceedings files are rather large in size due to the many pages and graphics.

    The time to download can be several minutes, depending on your internet speed.

    PC and Mac Users

    1. Click on the download links in the Conference Order Confirmation and save the Digital Proceedings .ePub file(s)

    2. DO NOT OPEN the files. Save them in a location that you will remember.

    3. Download and install: Adobe – Digital Editions (click here). This will be your primary eBook Library. This is not the same as Adobe Reader!

    You may skip steps 3-5 if you have OS X 10.9.0 and up. Open the ePubs from your downloads folder and use iBooks already installed on your Mac.

    4. Open Digital Editions Click on File then select Add to Library

    5. Browse to the downloaded .ePub files and select the saved ePub file(s), then click Open or Add.

    The digital proceedings are now saved in the Adobe Digital Library. You can open/view the Digital Proceedings books by double clicking the file. To add another open ePub publication to your library click File → Copy to Library.

    iPad and iPhone Users

    1. Make sure that you have the latest version iOS and of iBooks on your iPad or iPhone. You can install iBooks via the App Store for free. Upgrade to iOS 7 from iTunes.

    2. Open mail on your ipad and find the Conference Registration Confirmation email that you received. Open this email on your ipad and click and on the download link PC/Mac/Ipad/Android that shows in the order section of the proceedings. In the pop-up select open in iBooks. I may seem like nothing is happening, but the download can take a few minutes, please be patient.

    3. The Safari app will load and the address bar will turn into a process bar to download the large ePub file. This will take some time depending on your internet speeds. Once it is completed (blue) select Open in iBooks.

    The Digital Proceedings will be added to your iBooks library.

    Android Users

    1. Make sure that you have Overdrive Book Reader installed on your Android device. You can install Aldiko via the Play Store for free.

    2. Open your mail app and click on the download links in the Conference Order Confirmation email.

    The download will take some time to complete since they are large, notification center will notify on completion. When completed, Open the Overdrive App.

    3. Click on the Files icon, navigate to the Download folder and click on the ePub file to Import. You can also select the boxes to the right to import multiple ePubs at once.

    The Digital Proceeding ePub will be added to your Shelf View.

    Windows Mobile and Surface rt Users

    1. Make sure you have OverDrive installed on your windows device. You can install OverDrive via the Store for free.

    2. Open your mail app and click on the download links in the email Conference Order Confirmation email.

    The download will take some time to complete since they are large, IE may open to start the download process. When completed, Open the OverDrive App.

    3. At the bottom of the screen, you will be asked if you want to save the file, click Open.

    After a few moments of importing, the Digital Proceeding ePub will be added to My Collection.

    Kindle Users

    1. On a Mac or PC, Open your mail app or website and click on the download links in the Conference Order Confirmation email.

    DO NOT OPEN the files. Save them in a location that you will remember.

    2. Navigate to the location where you downloaded the mobi files. Select them and Copy them using CTRL+C or Edit → Copy.

    3. Plug your Kindle to the USB port of your computer.

    Navigate to your Kindle:

    Windows: Start → Computer → Kindle

    Mac: Finder → Kindle

    4. Open the Documents folder in the Kindle and CTRL+V or Edit → Paste the mobi files.

    On completion, safely disconnect the Kindle from the USB drive.


    What is the NAVC Community?

    This moderated community is presented by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) to provide an online educational gathering place for Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Practice Staff. It’s an extension of your NAVC VetFolio subscription, with certain aspects also open to any veterinary professional. Here, you ‘ll find friends and colleagues who have similar interests, share tips and information, make connections with possible employers, network with your peers, discuss solutions to issues you may be experiencing, chat about your pets, blow off steam, get feedback from our expert faculty and much more. One important fact that sets this community apart is that our NAVC VetFolio subscriber forums are moderated to ensure that our education-focused mission is providing you with reliable, quality content. How Does Community Work? Forums The NAVC Community offers forums in a variety of topics, from general discussion groups for Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians and Practice Managers to species-specific forums where you can share ideas about new research, treatments, etc. While most forums are open to everyone, there are some private and closed moderated forums that require special access.


    Events While the NAVC Conference may be the biggest event for veterinary professionals annually, there are many other conferences, hands-on laboratories and even local events that may be important to you, both personally and professionally. You can find events, see who is attending and sign up if you’re interested. We’ll rely upon our members to suggest events that we’ll feature in community. So, if you have something you’d like to showcase, be sure to submit it. Jobs Looking for a job? Check out the NAVC Community Job Board to see what’s new. Clicking APPLY will take you to the website form of the company that listed the job. NAVC will not be processing any applications, so if you haven’t heard back please reach out to the company, not to our staff. Looking to hire someone? You can post a job by using the submission form located on the NAVC Community Job Board page. Keep in mind that ALL jobs submitted must be for positions in the veterinary or animal care fields. The NAVC reserves the right to reject any submissions at our sole discretion. NAVC Community Netiquette — “What’s Netiquette?” “Netiquette” is simply Internet Etiquette. It follows the same principles as the manners your parents taught you growing up, with just a few nuances for the cyber world. Practicing proper “netiquette”, will make your experience in the NAVC Community much richer and more effective. As we said above, taking part in an online community is much the same as interacting in the real world. Being friendly and courteous to others and respecting their opinions makes you a good citizen. Here a few tips on how you can use your manners and interact with others in a positive and productive way: Be a “Lurker” First One of the best ways to get to know a community you’ve just joined is to take some time just “lurking.” This is an internet term for just hanging out and reading without taking part in any conversations. Lurking can help you find the groups and discussions that are a good fit for you. You can follow other community members and see who may have common interests. Join a Group Once you’ve learned your way around, and found a few places you think you might fit in, join a group or two. You can still lurk a bit in your group until you’re comfortable enough to jump in with both feet. Introduce Yourself After you’ve joined your group, post your introduction. Tell the rest of the group a little about yourself. Are you a Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Practice Manager, etc.? Do you have pets of your own? Where do you work? Where do you live? What are your hobbies and interests outside of work? An introduction announces to all of the group members that you’ve joined, and sharing a bit about yourself right up front will help others welcome you and get to know you. The amount of information you share depends on what you’re comfortable with. Join a Conversation The first level of interaction in a community is joining in a conversation that interests you. For instance, it might be a discussion about how folks in a veterinary practice deal with an irate pet owner. If you have some tips that worked for you, reply and share them! Start a Discussion When you get in your groove and begin to feel like a part of the group, try starting a discussion of your own. Think of a topic that interests you, and ask others to chime in on it. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get lots of replies right away. Remember that others come and go as they have time. Choose the option of receiving an email notification when your post receives replies, and they will be in your inbox when you’re ready to view them. Be Friendly and Courteous Let’s face it… sometimes what other people say or how they communicate will upset you. It’s always best to be friendly and courteous, even when you don’t agree with someone else. Manners online are the same as manners offline. Treating others as you’d like to be treated always leads to less strife and more productive conversation. Welcome Newbies Remember when you were new to the group? Whether you’ve been a member for a week or several years, take a moment to welcome the “newbies” who join the group and introduce themselves. You’ll help them start off on the right foot, and they will pass it along. Watch Your Tone Setting the tone of your words can be the hardest thing to accomplish when communicating online. Sometimes the solution may be as simple as punctuation. A poorly placed comma can be the difference between a benign statement and a perceived insult. The best way to avoid having tone read into your post is to do something you can’t do when communicating verbally: Read and edit your words before you hit the post button. Don’t Type in All Caps In internet-speak all caps is the same as yelling or raising your voice. Don’t yell at your fellow community members. Show Your Ethics You’re ethical in your practice. Do the same online, and you’ll gain the respect of your fellow community members. Respect = Followers Be a Guide As a good online community citizen, be a guide for your fellow members. If you know where to find something or what the rules are, help educate others. They will thank and respect you for it. Medication Alerts If you would like to report adverse effects of a medication you have used in your practice, most of the pharmaceutical companies have places on their websites where you can do that. If you can’t find the links, call out to our staff and we’ll help you find the right reporting avenues. We want to avoid lengthy discussions of potential adverse effects here in the community, so we ask that you please not post those types of discussions. Should you come across posts from other members sharing this type of information or indicating that they are using a medication off-label, please flag the post and report it to our community management staff. We will make sure that the information is gathered, documented and reported to the appropriate parties. It’s important that we all work together to ensure that the medications and treatments we use for our animal friends is safe, effective and used appropriately. And Finally…Don’t Believe Everything You Read! Sharing information on an online community is great. But, always be sure that you double-check any information that you get from another member or even an expert on ANY Internet site before putting it into practice. What Happens When You Don’t Follow the Rules?,/strong> We know that most of our members are going to be good online community citizens and follow the rules. But, even the best of us may slip up a time or two. Before you get started in this wonderful, interactive social space, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with NAVC’s Terms of Use. Posts and other member-generated content that go against Terms of Use will be removed from public view. If your post is removed, you may receive an email from our staff alerting you to the reason. However, if you are a seasoned member who is familiar with the rules of conduct, you may not receive email warnings when your content is removed. If you do not receive an alert, you may write to Community Management at CommunityManagement@NAVC.com to request an explanation. Please be patient if you don’t hear back immediately. We do not edit our members’ words here at the NAVC. Therefore, if you solve the mystery of the universe in your post or comment and then include something that goes against Terms of Use that content could be lost to you when it is removed. Folks who continue breaking Terms of Use and disregarding good Netiquette may find their accounts locked for a period of time or terminated completely. Here are some reasons a post might be removed from member areas: Personal Attacks When you’re arguing a point with another member it’s easy to fall into the name-calling rut. Don’t go there. If you’re getting riled up enough to type something unsavory, take a moment and do what we in the online community world refer to as “sitting on your fingers.” You don’t have to literally sit on them, but just remove your hands from your keyboard and walk away for a bit. If you come back and still feel grumpy, it may be time to agree to disagree and not respond further to the conversation. Posts or comments that resort to name-calling or insulting remarks or that contain abusive, defamatory, harmful or threatening language will be removed from view. Examples: It’s okay to say, “I really don’t agree with the point you are trying to make.” It’s NOT okay to say, “The point you are trying to make is stupid. You really are a @#$%*!” Spam/Ads/Solicitation This community is for members to share ideas, make friends, connect with colleagues, get feedback, etc. It is not a place to sell your product. If you’d like to advertise with NAVC, you can reach out to our marketing department HERE. Spam can include advertising or be as simple as posting the same message several different times on one group or forum or on several different groups or forums. We know you want to get your point across, but say it once and move on. Solicitation can also come in many forms. You may be walking or running for a great cause, but our community is not the place to solicit for donations. Also, please don’t post sign-ups for clinical trials or ask people to join organizations or donate to them. We have no way to vet all of these to ensure that they are legitimate or safe for our members. We also realize that, as a site for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians, there will be discussion of drug choices, medical procedures and therapies. While you may feel free to share with others what has worked for you, we ask that you not push or promote any medication, therapy or treatment option, but allow others to use their own judgment. (NAVC or VetFolio partners may respond to questions about their products with general use information ONLY as long as they self-identify as affiliated with a product, brand or service.) Posts or comments that fall into the prohibitions above or under those parameters will be removed. Harassment/Hate Language The NAVC Community will not tolerate hate language or harassment of other members or organizations. If you are intolerant of others based on their race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, etc., this is not the community for you. Harassment is also prohibited. Please do not continue to follow another member around the community trying to push home a point after the other member has asked you to stop. Posting content to defame or discredit a person, product or organization is also prohibited. Such content will be removed IMMEDIATELY and your member account locked. Profanity In order to keep the NAVC Community pleasant for all of our members, we ask that you refrain from using profanity when communicating on our groups and forums. Built in filters will catch some of the more colorful words, but if you post something that just happens to sneak by your content is likely to be removed. Don’t take the chance that you’ll lose something profound you’ve written. Just say “no” to profanity. Copyright Much of the information available on the Internet is subject to copyright law. If it’s copyrighted, you have to be careful how you use it. Example: You cannot copy and paste an entire article from another site into your post or comment here in the NAVC Community. And, newspaper and magazine articles are NOT free of copyright. Per the Fair Use Act, and to protect you and NAVC, here’s the rule: Users may post a one or two-line excerpt of an article or content from another site, along with the URL to that content., citing the source. Inappropriate Images, Photos or Links Here are some examples of the type of images or photos that would NOT be appropriate to post here in the NAVC Community: Private body parts, provocative/lewd/suggestive sexual images, images depicting hate or discrimination, copyrighted images, images including profanity. And, NAVC community management reserves the right to remove ANY images we determine to be inappropriate, at our sole discretion. Links Please link others to reputable sites with relevant content. Links to unethical, obscene or promotional sites are inappropriate. Medical Information In a community where veterinarians and vet techs are sharing information and educational resources, we expect that there will be discussion of drugs, medical procedures and treatment options. However, we ask that you keep the advice general. Remember that while you may have had a similar case and be familiar with an issue, you can’t make true medical determinations without all of the pet’s history and a hands on exam. Please do not attempt to help a colleague diagnose a pet here in the community. Do not suggest dosing amounts for medications. Do not post lab results and ask another colleague to help you interpret those results. Content that falls into these areas can be harmful and will be removed from public view. Unlawful Content Please do not encourage any behavior that is against the law or threatening in nature to yourself or others. All such content will be removed from the site. Protecting Your Personal Information Certain areas of the NAVC Community are open to the public. That means if you post your home phone number into one of our forums you could potentially be sharing it with thousands of online users you do NOT know. If you’d like to share personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc., with a friend in the community, please use the private message system to keep your information safe. If we come across such information posted on a public forum, we will remove your post or comment and send you an email letting you know. Children’s Privacy VetFolio content and community membership is not intended for children under the age of 13. In order to adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), if a member is identified to be younger than 13, his or her posts will be removed and membership will be revoked immediately. Community Moderators — What do they do? Our community moderators here at the NAVC wear several hats.

    How Can You Stay Safe Online? NAVC and VetFolio do not endorse any of the content or advice you receive within these groups, forums or personal blogs. The information contained within that content is solely the opinion of the contributor. Remember to take all advice and feedback that you read anywhere online, including this community, with a grain of salt. Double-check your facts. Here are a few other tips to stay safe online:


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