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    Who can attend the NAVC Conference?

    We welcome the entire Veterinary Healthcare Team including Veterinarians, Technicians, Practice Managers, Support Staff (Receptionists, Office assistants, etc), Veterinary and Technician Students, members of the Veterinary Industry and more.

    How long is the NAVC Conference?

    There are five days of CE programming (Saturday – Wednesday). The Exhibit Halls are open for four days (Sunday – Wednesday).

    What topics does the NAVC Conference cover?

    The NAVC Conference offers lectures, Hands-on Labs, Masterclasses and Meet the Professor Luncheons in many different topics including:

    What is included in an NAVC Conference Registration?

    NAVC Conference registration includes Scientific Sessions, Exhibit Hall access, daily lunch service, shuttle bus service and evening entertainment. Hands-on Labs, Masterclasses, Meet the Professor Luncheons and Behind the Scenes Tours require an additional fee.

    What is the cost to attend the NAVC Conference?

    The price varies depending on when you register and what category you fit into (Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Support Staff, Student, etc.). Our Early Registration price ends on October 14 at midnight, and there is another price increase on December 15. Full NAVC Conference registration costs will be posted here, once they are announced.

    How many hours of Continuing Education can I earn at the NAVC Conference?

    With more than 1,200 CE credit hours to chose from, an attendee can attain as many as 41.5 hours of CE by taking advantage of the full slate of scheduled sessions in the course of the five-day NAVC Conference.

    Does the NAVC Conference feature an Exhibit Hall?

    Yes, we do – now, all in one place. We welcome over 650 different companies selling everything from the latest surgical equipment to custom website packages to animal themed jewelry. Learn more on our Exhibit Hall page.

    What entertainment is available in the evenings during the NAVC Conference?

    We offer fun events every evening for all attendees. Check out our Events & Entertainment page for all of the details on the upcoming Conference.

    Can my family and friends attend Conference with me? What are they allowed to do?

    Yes! You may purchase a Guest Badge for adult family members or friends for $85 (children under 18 do not need a Guest Badge). A Guest Badge allows access to the Exhibit Halls, evening entertainment and shuttle buses. It does not allow access to scientific sessions. We also offer a fun child care option as well as a number of Family Tours, plus discounted tickets to Disney and Universal Theme parks and other Orlando area attractions. Check out our Events & Entertainment as well as our Tours page for all of the details. See all our Family services and information.

    How many people attended the NAVC Conference 2016?

    NAVC Conference 2016 Attendance: 17,328 TOTAL

    How many international attendees come to the conference?

    The NAVC Conference 2016 hailed over 1,000 international attendees from more than 80 different countries.

    What states do US attendees come from?

    The NAVC Conference includes attendees from these states.

    Where do I stay while in Orlando for the NAVC Conference?

    We negotiate rates with several area hotels in addition to the three host hotels. Specific rates and locations can be found here.

    How do I install the NAVC Conference Digital Proceedings eBooks?

    NOTE: The proceedings files are rather large in size due to the many pages and graphics. The time to download can be several minutes, depending on your internet speed.

    PC and Mac Users

    1. Click on the download links in the Conference Order Confirmation and save the Digital Proceedings .ePub file(s)
    2. DO NOT OPEN the files. Save them in a location that you will remember.
    3. Download and install: Adobe – Digital Editions (click here). This will be your primary eBook Library. This is not the same as Adobe Reader! You may skip steps 3-5 if you have OS X 10.9.0 and up. Open the ePubs from your downloads folder and use iBooks already installed on your Mac.
    4. Open Digital Editions Click on File then select Add to Library
    5. Browse to the downloaded .ePub files and select the saved ePub file(s), then click Open or Add.The digital proceedings are now saved in the Adobe Digital Library. You can open/view the Digital Proceedings books by double clicking the file. To add another open ePub publication to your library click File → Copy to Library.

    iPad and iPhone Users

    1. Make sure that you have the latest version iOS and of iBooks on your iPad or iPhone. You can install iBooks via the App Store for free. Upgrade to iOS 7 from iTunes.
    2. Open mail on your ipad and find the Conference Registration Confirmation email that you received. Open this email on your ipad and click and on the download link PC/Mac/Ipad/Android that shows in the order section of the proceedings. In the pop-up select open in iBooks. I may seem like nothing is happening, but the download can take a few minutes, please be patient.
    3. The Safari app will load and the address bar will turn into a process bar to download the large ePub file. This will take some time depending on your internet speeds. Once it is completed (blue) select Open in iBooks.The Digital Proceedings will be added to your iBooks library.

    Android Users

    1. Make sure that you have Overdrive Book Reader installed on your Android device. You can install Aldiko via the Play Store for free.
    2. Open your mail app and click on the download links in the Conference Order Confirmation email.The download will take some time to complete since they are large, notification center will notify on completion. When completed, Open the Overdrive App.
    3. Click on the Files icon, navigate to the Download folder and click on the ePub file to Import. You can also select the boxes to the right to import multiple ePubs at once.The Digital Proceeding ePub will be added to your Shelf View.

    Windows Mobile and Surface rt Users

    1. Make sure you have OverDrive installed on your windows device. You can install OverDrive via the Store for free.
    2. Open your mail app and click on the download links in the email Conference Order Confirmation email. The download will take some time to complete since they are large, IE may open to start the download process. When completed, Open the OverDrive App.
    3. At the bottom of the screen, you will be asked if you want to save the file, click Open. After a few moments of importing, the Digital Proceeding ePub will be added to My Collection.

    Kindle Users

    1. On a Mac or PC, Open your mail app or website and click on the download links in the Conference Order Confirmation email. DO NOT OPEN the files. Save them in a location that you will remember.
    2. Navigate to the location where you downloaded the mobi files. Select them and Copy them using CTRL+C or Edit → Copy.
    3. Plug your Kindle to the USB port of your computer.
      • Navigate to your Kindle:
      • Windows: Start → Computer → Kindle
      • Mac: Finder → Kindle
    4. Open the Documents folder in the Kindle and CTRL+V or Edit → Paste the mobi files. On completion, safely disconnect the Kindle from the USB drive.


    How do I become an exhibitor?

    Click here to learn more about becoming an NAVC Conference exhibitor. 

    As an exhibitor when do I get to register?

    Each’s company’s manager will be provided a link to register all personnel staff the first part of October.

    As an exhibitor when is set up and move out?

    All exhibits must be completed and fully operational by 5:00 PM on Saturday, February 4, 2017. Security personnel will be verifying wrist bands (distributed at the entrances of the Exhibit Hall and at registration) during set up hours.

    Move in Hours (wristbands available)
    Exhibitor Registration Hours
    Registration Desk located in the West Concourse lobby foyer between Halls D and E.
    Exhibit Hall Hours
    Daily Breaks
    Prepare for a RUSH in the Exhibit Hall during the following daily breaks:
    Food and Refreshments
    Food and refreshments are readily available to all attendees at the NAVC Deli. We encourage you to break for lunch at 11:00 AM in order to accommodate the registrant lunch crowd starting at 11:45 AM. This will allow the registrants additional time to shop the Exhibit Hall. The NAVC Deli inside the Exhibit Hall feature an array of freshly prepared foods and is open Sunday through Wednesday. Exhibitor badges carry an alloted daily lunch allowance. To purchase additional badges see p 8 for details. The Exhibitor Lounge, located near the back of the Exhibit Hall serves continental breakfast and an afternoon snack.
    Dismantling Hours (wristbands available)
    Exhibitors who begin packing and teardown before 2:00 PM on Wednesday will forfeit their space in the Exhibit Hall the following year.
    All booths must be completely cleared by:
    Thursday, February 9: 12:00 PM

    How much does it cost to exhibit at the NAVC Conference?

    In an effort to simplify pricing for our exhibitors, the NAVC has begun pricing booth space by square foot, according to the following levels:
    Commercial Booth Fees (Price/sq. ft.)

    Non-Profit Booth(Price/sq. ft.)

    What is included with a booth at the NAVC Conference?

    Your Booth Space Purchase Includes the Following:

    Allotted badges have full CE credit available. Preregistration and prepayment are required for a Hands-on Laboratory or any session with additional fees.

    Where do I go to find out about furniture, electricity, lead retrieval etc.?
    Freeman is the official NAVC Exhibit Services vendor. The NAVC Conference 2017 Freeman Booth Service Kit outlines essential information and forms. Take advantage of maximum discounts by ordering early and ordering online.
    As an exhibitor who can I talk to about advertising and sponsorship?
    Whitney Brockman, Director of Sales
    WBrockman@NAVC.com | P: +1.336.944.2363
    Jamie Laws, Strategic Accounts Manager East
    JLaws@NAVC.com | P: +1.336.420.5428
    Kim Zillioux, Strategic Accounts Manager West
    KZillioux@NAVC.com | P: +1.706.429.3457
    Rosaleny Orie, Inside Sales & Solutions Coordinator
    ROrie@NAVC.com | P: +1.352.244.3703
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