• Dr. Caryn Plummer Discusses the Importance of Ophthalmology

    1.) Why is ophthalmology an important part of a veterinary practice?

    Besides being really cool, eyes are a really important part of general practice. Ocular disease is exceedingly common in small animals and is routinely underdiagnosed. By learning to recognize ocular disease and initiate treatment, you can grow your practice and save many animals from sight loss and eye pain.

    2.) What can attendees learn in your course that they won’t receive at any other event?

    A full four days just concentrating on the eye! You will see so much! Not only will there be in depth discussions about ocular disease states, you will be exposed to clinical cases scenarios and will be given the opportunity for hands-on practice of common procedures. Your comfort level with eyes will improve dramatically!

    3.) How can the skills gained in your course be implemented into the practice immediately after the Institute?

    Immediately following the program at the NAVC Institute, you will be eager to use your improved examination and recognition skills in your practice. Recognizing a problem or potential problem is a huge step to improving the quality of care you offer.

    4.) What would you say are the biggest takeaways from this course?

    Many people have an inherent level of anxiety with ophthalmology. This course aims to alleviate that anxiety and improve your basic understanding as well as specific skills (and hints) related to surgical intervention.

    5.) What fuels your passion for this profession and/or subject matter?

    The eye is the most delicate and elegant of organs. The way its anatomy permits and allows the functional special sense of sight is astounding – it is the ultimate example of structure = function.

    Learn more about ophthalmology treatments from Dr. Caryn Plummer at the NAVC Institute Small Animal Ophthalmology course.


    About Dr. Caryn Plummer

    NAVC Institute Instructor, Caryn E. Plummer

    Caryn E. Plummer, DVM, DACVO

    Dr. Plummer is a 2002 graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Following internship training at Michigan State University, she returned to UF for a residency in comparative ophthalmology. She received board certification from the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists in 2006 and remained on faculty at UF following her residency. She coordinates the ophthalmic surgery laboratories at the annual NAVC Conference in Orlando, FL.

    She has also participated in the NAVC Equine Ophthalmology In-Depth Seminar and Laboratories, and coordinated ophthalmology courses at the NAVC Institute. Her main research interests include corneal disease and glaucoma. She lives with her husband, who is also a veterinarian, an elderly but distinguished domestic long hair named Dimitri (so much fur!!) and Maevis the Frenchie. She spends her free time outdoors, hiking, scuba diving or reading.

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