• NAVC Staff

    Each of our staff members is committed to providing world-class continuing professional development for the global veterinary healthcare community.

    Candace Adorka – Production Manager

    Allyson Archambault – Senior Account Executive

    Rick Boggess – Vice President of Publishing Sales & Marketing

    Thomas M. Bohn, MBA, CAE – Chief Executive Officer

    Whitney Brockman – Vice President Of Sponsorships & Industry

    Doreen Carpenter – Western Regional Sales Manager, Publishing

    Meagan Cartaya – Social Media Manager

    Kimberly Chatfield – Executive Office Manager

    April Childress – Hands-on Lab Assistant

    Susan Christmas – Vetfolio Content Coordinator

    Alisa Cochrane – Director Of Human Resources

    Jackie D’Antonio – Content Director

    Jessica Davis – Programs Assistant

    Christine DeFrank – Director Of Operations, Publishing

    Wendy Dox – Marketing Account Manager

    Buddy Dugger – Hands-On Laboratory Assistant

    Paige Ellington – Account Executive

    Louise Falcone – Event Systems Manager

    Darlene Fitzgerald – Customer Service Representative

    Elizabeth Fleener – Art Director

    Alan Geering, MAcc – Accountant

    Meghan R. Golden, MBA – Vice President of Partnerships & International Relations

    Summer Graziano – Vice President of Marketing

    Shannan Gressinger, CMP – Director Of Program Operations

    Dieter M. Haager, MBA – Vice President Of Finance

    Marisa Hackemann – Senior Director, Industry Services

    Susan Harris – Exhibit Operations Manager

    Ashlynn Henkel – Digital & Social Media Manager

    Emily Hodgson – Marketing Coordinator

    Jay Hula – Executive Director, VetFolio

    Barbara Inskip – Accountant

    Chris Kelly – Group Publisher

    Julie Kittredge – Strategic Account Manager

    Jamie Laws – Senior Strategic Account Manager

    Drew Little – IT Support Assistant

    Sheri Matheny – Customer Service Manager

    Lillian McAnally – Managing Editor, Today’s Veterinary Practice and Today’s Veterinary Nurse

    R. Chris McFerrin, CPA, MBA – Accountant

    Danna Miller – Senior Director of Communication

    Manolita Moore – Vice President Of Exhibits & Sales Operations

    Brian Moran – Production Assistant, Publishing

    Ken Niedziela – Editor, Today’s Veterinary Business

    Eugene O’Neill, CPA, CIA – Chief Financial Officer

    Nick Paolo, MBA – Publisher, NAVC Journals

    Tiffany Park – Systems Manager, VetFolio

    Jonathan Pauquette – IT Manager

    Sondra Reynolds – Director Of Audience Development, NAVC Publications

    Julianne Robinson – Vetfolio Project Coordinator

    Elsbeth Russell – Executive Director, ABVP

    Myrna Sacasas – Exhibit Sales Manager

    Albert Sanchez – Accountant

    Suzanne Savage, CMP – Senior Director Of Governance & Executive Office Management

    Peter R. Scott, CAE, APR – Chief Operating Officer

    Lacey Smith – Vetfolio Business Development Manager

    Joe Sorrentino, MBA, CMP – Vice President, Event Operations

    Mary Hannah Sperry – Sponsor Coordinator, VetFolio

    Joe Stern – Creative Director

    Shellie Sullivan – Customer Service Representative

    Debby Sundstrom – Hands-on Laboratory Coordinator

    Mandy Taylor – Industry Services Executive Director

    Michelle Taylor – Graphic Designer

    Daniel S. Valha – Senior Vice President of Events and Exhibits

    Kayla Walker – Hands-on Lab Coordinator

    Laura Walker – Chief Media Officer

    Angelina Varagona – Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Publishing

    Dana Varble, DVM – Executive Director, ARAV / Senior Director, Hands-on Labs

    Erin Weber – Project Manager

    Susan Woodard – Vice President Of Program Operations

    Kim Zillioux – Strategic Account Manager

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