• Dr. Matt Winter, DVM, DACVR is responsible for leading NAVC Scientific and Educational Programing, supporting the Program Committee and serving as a technical advisor for all educational offerings. Winter’s target priorities are the development and management of all educational aspects of the NAVC Conference and the NAVC Institute Programs, Hands-on Laboratories, leadership of the NAVC Conference Program Committee, educational expansion and discovery of innovative, novel offerings that further the NAVC mission and vision.

    Matt Winter mdwinter@navc.com

    Matt Winter

    Winter has participated in numerous research initiatives and held leadership and mentor roles. He’s taught at Iowa State University and the University of Florida, where he was recently recognized as Teacher of the Year within the College of Veterinary Medicine. After completing his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University, Winter went on to receive his veterinary medical degree from Cornell University and completed his residency at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. In addition, he’s presented more than one hundred CE lectures, refereed publications and scientific abstracts and attended more than 30 conferences.

    Winter loves outdoor activities, woodworking, cooking and beer brewing, and spending time with his wife Brandy, daughter Mia, and two dogs, Newman and Marvin.

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