• 4 Exciting Telehealth Sessions at the NAVC Conference 2017

    2016 was the year veterinarians in the United States decided to take telehealth and telemedicine seriously.

    Make sure you join us at the NAVC Conference 2017 to learn more about how telemedicine is impacting the veterinary profession.

    Below are sessions that feature or relate to telemedicine.

    Sunday, Feb 5
    Leading with Change: The Telemedicine Model In Veterinary Practice
    Dr. Mark Seraly
    OCCC W240A

    Sunday, Feb 5
    Telemedicine:  From Your Exam Room to Their Living Room
    Dr. Charlotte Lacroix
    OCCC W240A

    Monday, Feb 6
    Learn How Telemedicine is Affecting You, Why Clients Like it and the Legal Issues You Need to Know for Your Veterinary Practice
    Drs. Kristi Henderson, Charlotte Lacroix, Deb Leon, Eric Shank
    OCCC W224CD

    Tuesday, Feb 7
    8:55-9:05 (within Ignite Series)
    The Virtual Veterinary Exam Room:  The Future of Telemedicine
    Dr. Mark Seraly
    OCCC W331A

    If you are interested in learning more about the VIC Telehealth Pilot including the latest telehealth-related legislative and regulatory updates, please contact Dr. Mia Cary, VIC ED and NAVC Chief Innovation Officer at MCary@NAVC.com for more details or to attend the VIC Reception Tuesday Feb. 7 from 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM.

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